What to Do Drunk? 30 Fun Things to Do Drunk

Things to Do Drunk

Drinking with friends can be a fun and social activity. Still, what happens when the alcohol starts flowing and inhibitions are lowered? What are some fun things to do drunk? In this article, we’ll explore 30 fun things to do drunk, from playing drinking games to dancing the night away. But before we explore, it’s important to remember the first rule of drinking: know your limits. Drinking responsibly is critical to having a good time and staying safe. With that in mind, let’s explore some fun activities to try the next time you feel a little tipsy.

1st Rule of Drinking: Know Your Limits

How often did you get drunk and end up in a hospital or a police station? Out of all the exciting activities while drunk, these two are never fun. So, to make your drunk time a good memory, learn to know your limits while drunk. Below are some of the measures you consider while drinking.

  • Drink as much as you can handle
  • Never drive when you’re drunk
  • Don’t force intimacy without permission
  • Have some water periodically with your drinks
  • Be responsible while crossing the road as drunk
  • If you have taken more alcohol than your tolerance, don’t go home alone.
  • Consider how others feel about your behavior. They mustn’t be annoyed with your actions.

30 Fun Things to Do While Drunk

With all the safety measures discussed above, you’re all set to make your drunk moments an exciting and warm memory of your life. Being a beer lover, I would never suggest you repeat the same boring routine or play the same drink games. Keep trying different stuff and have an ever-exciting experience every time.

Have Fun With Drink Games

1. Quarters

Quarters is a classic drinking game that is easy to set up and play. The only thing you need is a quarter and a few shot glasses. The competition aims to strike the quarter on the table and into the beer glass. If you succeed, you get to choose someone to drink. If you fail, you have to drink yourself.

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game that involves revealing personal information and drinking. Each player takes turns making statements that begin with “Never have I ever…” and if someone in the group has done what is being said, they must take a drink. This game can be fun for learning new things about your friends and lead to interesting conversations, and there is plenty of Never Have I Ever questions on all sorts of topics.

3. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a fast-paced, competitive drinking game perfect for larger groups. Each team has a row of cups filled with beer, and the competition aims to drink the beer and flip the cup over using only one hand. The first team that ends all their cups and flips them over becomes the winner.

4. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a classic drinking game with a table and a small ping pong ball. Each team has a certain number of cups bursting with beer, and the game is all about throwing the ball into the opposing team’s cups. The opponents must drink the beer in that cup if they make a shot. The winner is the first team to finish all the cups on the opposing side.

5. Screw the Dealer

Screw the Dealer is a card game that involves guessing the value of the Dealer’s card. If you think correctly, the dealer drinks. If you guess wrong, you must drink. As the game progresses, the Dealer can give hints to make it easier for the players to imagine, but the penalty for guessing incorrectly becomes higher.

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

Singing at Karaoke is fun and loved by all as a fun activity while drunk. Following are some suggestions you can try while drunk and singing at Karaoke.

6. Choose the Song that Everyone Understands

When choosing a song to sing, it’s important to pick something that everyone knows and can sing along to. This will help create a fun and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can participate.

7. Feel the Confidence While Singing Stupid Notes

Alcohol can boost confidence, which can be helpful when singing in front of others. When signing your stupid notes before a party, drinking is the only shelter to keep you safe. So, boost your confidence at karaoke next time you drink the beer, boost your confidence at karaoke.

8. Make Some Embarrassing Memories

Karaoke can be a fun and lighthearted way to create memorable drunk moments with friends. Don’t be afraid to get wasted and make fun, even if it means making a fool of yourself. Just make sure to respect others and not make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Last Moment Food Runs

One of the best things about drunk with friends is the opportunity to embark on spontaneous food runs. Here are some tips for making these last-moment food runs an exciting one:

9. Satisfy Your Stomach With Food You Love

Your cravings can go into overdrive when you’re drunk. Benefit from this opportunity to indulge in some of your favorite foods and snacks. Whether it’s pizza, tacos, or burgers, treat yourself to something satisfying your hunger and taste buds.

10. Explore Some Favorite Places

Part of the fun of last-moment food runs is exploring new places and trying new things. However, revisiting old favorites and rediscovering why you love them can also be fun. Whether it’s a late-night diner, a food truck, or a 24-hour convenience store, there’s always something new to discover when you’re out and about.

Wild Dancing Moves

When you’re feeling the buzz of alcohol, there’s nothing quite like letting loose and busting a move on the dance floor. Here are some tips for making the most of your wild dancing moves while you’re drunk:

11. Explore New Dancing Moves

Being drunk can give you the courage to try new moves and experiment with your style, whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner. Let loose and try some further dance steps, even if you’re unsure if you’re doing them right.

12. Let Everyone Join the Party

Dancing is always more fun when you have friends to dance with. Invite everyone to the dance floor and let loose together. You can all feed off each other’s energy and blast together.

13. Add a Personal Touch to Your Dance

You’re more likely to feel confident and carefree when drunk. Take advantage of this by adding your personal touch to your dancing. It could be a silly move or a signature step only you do – whatever it is, make it your own and have fun with it.

Get Drunk in a Bar and Make Everyone Laugh

Are you feeling a bit loose and carefree? Let’s turn that into a hilarious night to remember. Whether you’re the class clown or just feeling silly, it’s time to make everyone laugh with your outrageous antics. Just make sure you’re offending anyone or crossing any lines.

14. Share Your Drunk Experiences

Our funniest memories come from our wildest nights out. So let’s share those drunken tales with our friends and bond over the craziest things we’ve done while under the influence. Who knows, you’ll inspire each other to make new ones!

15. Tell a Funny Story

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Everything seems funnier when drunk, so why not share your favorite jokes or tell a funny story? Get everyone giggling and keep the good vibes going all night long.

16. Dance With a Stranger

Are you feeling bold and carefree? It’s time to make fire on the dance floor and cut loose with a stranger. Whether it’s a wild night of twerking or a slow dance that leaves you breathless, let yourself go and enjoy the thrill of dancing with someone new.

17. Excel in a Bar Game

Ready to show off your skills? From beer pong to darts, there’s no shortage of bar games when you feel competitive. So grab your friends and see who can come out on top – remember to take a drink (or two) between rounds.

18. Celebrate the After Party

The night’s not over yet! Keep the party going and celebrate the after-party with your closest friends. Whether it’s a wild adventure or a chill hangout, keep the good vibes going until early morning.

19. Make an Excellent Exit

When it’s time to go home, leave with a bang. Whether it’s a dramatic exit or a funny joke to end the night on a high note, make sure you say goodbye in style. After all, there’s nothing like a grand exit to cap off a memorable night out.

Do What You Can’t While Not Drunk

In addition to the activities mentioned above, there are some others that you can’t imagine doing while sober. These are the fun things to do drunk.

20. Lie Down on the Street

On a rainy night, lost in alcohol, try lying down on an abandoned road where no one crosses your path. You can’t experience this nostalgic feeling without a few pegs of beer. So, drink a few glasses of beer of your choice and feel the raindrops washing up all the negative energy away from your body.

21. Have a Deep Conversation With Your Loved Ones

There are plenty of formalities, even between best friends and love couples. With all these walls, being true to yourself while talking to your partner becomes difficult.

Try having a deep and subjective conversation with your loved one while drunk. This will help build a strong rapport between you two and talk about the untold issues of your relationship.

22. Talk to a Stranger

Have you ever experienced talking to an unknown person? To the people in your vicinity, you might feel hesitant talking about the more profound thoughts of your silly mind. But to a stranger, it’s not as much complicated.

A one-on-one conversation is good, but you can also try it on a phone call or social media. Just Imagine! You might have some secrets you never tell yourself and can open your heart to a stranger while drunk.

23. Try a Video Prank

No, here comes something amusing. An activity that you must try on a drunk night with your friends. That’s right, making fun with your friends. Try a video prank with those friends who completely blackout in drunken moments.

No one will blame you, as you will also be drunk. So just chill out and capture many fun moments to feel your friends embarrassed the following day. If the friends are close, you can also make them buy you some beer next time to keep this prank a secret.

24. Make Unusual Art Pieces

Are you an introvert? Don’t you like socializing that much and spend most of your time thinking alone at the pace of your home? Then you must create some unusual art pieces on your canvas.

These art pieces will be the virtual exhibition of your inner thoughts, as they’ll be the most sincere ones. Don’t try to be sophisticated and paint a masterpiece. Run your brush wild on the canvas, and the masterpiece will create itself.

25. Write a Story or Poem

Words are the best medium to exhibit your emotions. Why do you drink, by the way? It’s to do catharsis of your feelings and emotions. Right? Then why not do it right? Next time when you’re drunk, be a poet.

Feel like a famous author and contrive a fantastic poem or a short story. Create some imaginary characters and let them play on the paper. After having a few pieces, you can make a general of “drunk stories/poems.”

26. Be Bold About Your Feelings

Are you in love with someone and can’t get enough courage to express your feelings? Don’t lose hope, and be bold about how you feel. Confess your love, as there is never a second time.

27. Try Stange Food Combinations

Have you tried ice cream with spicy noodles? Or add pineapple cake to your pasta? Feeling cringe? All these silly food combinations look exciting while drunk. You can even change it into a challenge or game with your friends.

28. Mix a Variety of Alcohol Beverages

When your party runs out of beer, mix some whiskey or plain soda to make it plenty to carry the fun on. Such fun combinations are exciting to taste when drunk. So, even when you’re not short on alcohol, try mixing some strange flavors and make your party an excitement.

29. Got Nothing to Do? Sleep on a Pedestrian Bench

While there are numerous fun things to do drunk, if you don’t get much motivation to do anything, just don’t. Find a peaceful pedestrian bench and sleep. Ensure your safety while doing so. If you have a loved one by your side, it’s a must thing to do drunk.

30. Get a Piggyback on Your Partner’s Back

Are you going back home after having fun at your beer party? Got a partner to go back home to? Then the piggyback is a must. Find it funny enough? Yeah, it is. If your partner is healthy to carry you on his back, piggyback is the ultimate finishing touch to your fun things to do drunk.

Final Words

As the wrapping up, you must first remember safety. Being safe is the first rule while making fun. Never get some exciting moments at the expense of your life. The second rule is to make sure no one around you is getting exhausted because of anything you do drunk.

When you finish these two guiding principles of making, there are no more limits to drunk moments of excitement. Be wild with your singing and dancing, or just lie down on the wet abandoned road; go crazy while eating strange food combinations, or mix up your alcohol, anything that makes you feel yourself.

Add all the things mentioned above to do drunk to your following to-do list. Do you know what gets boring mostly? Repeating the same stuff over and again. So, try everything alternatively and add your personal touch to all the activities as you know yourself better than others.

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