250+ Amazing This or That Questions For Everyone

this or that questions

Looking for a fun way to start the party? Try this list of some amazing and quick this or that questions to raise the entertainment level!

This and that is a simple and popular questions game in which players are given two options to answer the given question like “tequila or vodka?” or “eating salad or burger?” The answers may reveal the actual personality traits of that player and help to bond with them (or stay away from them!).

The post contains questions for friends, couples, teens, adults, and the workplace. Depending on your gathering, you can pick your favorite this and that questions. It’s a great way to start a healthy conversation and make it entertaining as you move on.

It’s kinda like a rapid-fire game where you watch celebrities playing on TV shows. All you need is two players to start the game. But playing with a group of friends is a hell of fun. Remember, you also get creative as the game progresses, but this list of this and that questions will be enough to spice up your party.

Check out the list right here!

Funny This or That questions

This or That Questions
  1. Pay for the drink or free diet soda?
  2. Eating a burger with hands or using a fork and knife?
  3. Marry to who- Cinderella or Elsa
  4. Kill someone for money or dance in front of everyone wearing just your underpants?
  5. Lazy or active?
  6. Ability to read minds or power to teleport anywhere?
  7. Place head in a crocodile mouth or lion’s mouth?
  8. Belly dance or wrestling?
  9. Fashionable and trendy or fun and casual?
  10. Borrowing from parents or asking your friends for money?
  11. Heavy protocol and living a simple life?
  12. Partying with friends or going on a blind date?
  13. Giving alms to the poor or secretly stealing money from their box?
  14. Push your friends intentionally in the swimming pool or have cake all over their faces on their birthday?
  15. Touching your nose with your tongue or standing upside down for 1 minute?
  16. Carolina Reaper or Naga Viper?
  17. Tell the truth and break the relationship or tell a lie to play safe?
  18. Dance like Micheal Jackson or Gene Kelly?
  19. Spending a night in a haunted house or sleeping with a corpse?
  20. Stealing from siblings or stealing from friends?
  21. Shower once a week or once a month?
  22. Drinking till pass out or be the designated driver?
  23. Cheating with the help of a friend or using an A.I.?
  24. Lose money on a bet or get robbed?
  25. Buy cheap, low-quality products or one expensive item?
  26. Sports day or party night?
  27. Talking in the mirror or talking to an imaginary friend?
  28. Food Festival or music concert?
  29. House made of chocolate or free ice cream for a lifetime?
  30. Play with kids or steal candy from a baby?

This or That Questions for Couples

This or That Questions
  1. Prince Harry or Ed Sheeran?
  2. Watching sunrise together or sunset?
  3. Favorite honeymoon destination: Paris or Disney Land
  4. Marriage or Living freely
  5. Candlelight dinner or a moonlight walk?
  6. Mature partner or caring partner?
  7. Swimming together or watching movies together?
  8. Audi or Tesla?
  9. Calling each other at night or texting the whole day?
  10. Hot but irresponsible partner or nerd but caring partner?
  11. Six-pack or cute hairstyles?
  12. Flowers or dress?
  13. Salsa or tango?
  14. Easy Love or Easy Money?
  15. Changing yourself or changing your partner?
  16. A good listener or a good cook?
  17. Snoring partner or a person that keeps using his cell phone even after you sleep?
  18. Staying low or being noisy in bed?
  19. Comedy tv shows or survivor series?
  20. Participating in a game show together or racing a marathon?
  21. Talking or cuddling?
  22. Pick a random person to go on a date or call your ex and ask her out again.
  23. Cleaning together or cooking dinner together?
  24. Adopting a pet or buying a collection of movies?
  25. Enjoy swimming in the lake or take a hot bath?
  26. Love getting fully drunk or just tipsy?
  27. A loyal person or a rich person?
  28. Wine or free beers?

This or That Questions Adults

This or That Questions
  1. Enjoy doing IT with lights or in the dark?
  2. Have s#x with your friend or watch your friends make out in front of you?
  3. Date your best friend’s brother or his/her ex?
  4. Erotic reading or watching a po#n movie?
  5. Talk about your crush with your friends or secretly fantasize about him/her?
  6. Skip foreplay or have one?
  7. Kiss a zombie or kiss a vampire?
  8. Buy the se#iest lingerie or buy the most expensive dress in town?
  9. Cheat someone or inform someone that they are being cheated?
  10. A mysterious partner or a goofy one?
  11. Fight with a bull or fight with your girl/boy?
  12. Lose your money or lose your partner?
  13. Change your car yearly or change your partner once a year?
  14. Se#ting a stranger or your ex?
  15. Doing IT in the car or basement?
  16. Green eyes or blue eyes?
  17. Men in black or men in gray?
  18. Lady in red or Lady in black?
  19. Focus on front or back?
  20. Lay on the bed or use the wall?
  21. One-night stand or a long-term relationship?
  22. Famous for being a player or famous for being an intelligent person?
  23. Love matters, or lust matters?
  24. Doing IT during the day or night?
  25. Tattoo on the back or front?
  26. Confident with your partner in bed or shy?
  27. Good kisser or a good talker?
  28. Keep a loyal long-distance relationship or enjoy having multiple short-term relationships?
  29. Wearing underwear regularly or going commando?

This or That Questions for Teens

This or That Questions
  1. Free fire or Pubg?
  2. Football or cricket?
  3. Bungee jumping or skydiving?
  4. Written password or lock screen?
  5. Hulu or Netflix?
  6. Race like the rabbit or the turtle?
  7. Shorts or videos?
  8. Shopping or going to a party? 
  9. Basketball or baseball?
  10. Disney theme parks or Hawaiian beaches?
  11.  Playing Xbox or Nintendo?
  12. Headset or AirPods?
  13. Upload your best video or your friend’s embarrassing video.
  14. Coding guy or a wordsmith?
  15. Spend money or save money?
  16. Enjoy sports or arts and crafts?
  17. Wanna play solo or in a band?
  18. Play board games or read books?
  19. Beer or hard liquor?
  20. Help out others or need help from others?
  21. Punctual or fashionably late?
  22. Blogging or Youtube channel?
  23. Pets or video games?
  24. Painting or hairstyling?
  25. Photography or Journal writing?
  26. Gardening or swimming?
  27. Dirt biking or Martial arts?
  28. Babysitting or dog walking?
  29. Fishing or backyard movie night?
  30. Wrestling or boxing?

Best This or That Questions

This or That Questions
  1. Crispy or soft?
  2. Isolated or crowded place?
  3. Lamborghini or Bogarti?
  4. Cocktail or mocktail?
  5. City or countryside?
  6. Sleep on the couch or sleep on the sofa?
  7. Lift or stare?
  8. Vampires or werewolves?
  9. Few dedicated followers or thousands of followers you can’t even respond to?
  10. Jokes or puns
  11. Marry a human or marry a robot?
  12. Buy everything you see or spend on to buy a few useful items.
  13. Home remedy or over-the-counter products?
  14. Salad or triple cheeseburger?
  15. Actor or a singer?
  16. Posting on Facebook or posting on Twitter?
  17. Noisy neighbors or no neighbors?
  18. Sauce sprinkled on top or sauce spread in between?
  19. Green tea thrice a day or coffee once a day?
  20. Spending a night in jail or spending a night in a graveyard?
  21. Enjoy snow or rain?
  22. Surfing or jet skiing?
  23. Traveling or staying home?
  24. Romantic novels or horror novels?
  25. Problem creator or a problem solver?
  26. Religious or Atheist?
  27. Plastic money or cash?
  28. Long drive or long walk?
  29. Watch a reality show or watch a comedy movie?
  30. Listening to News or listening to songs?

This or That Icebreaker Questions

This or That Questions
  1. Egg or cereal?
  2. Exercise or lying on the couch all day?
  3. Boots or sneakers?
  4. Dishwashing or laundry?
  5. Beer or wine?
  6. Vintage or trendy items?
  7. Give or take?
  8. Buy a drink for someone or enjoy free drinks?
  9. Vegetarian or meat lover?
  10. Burger or pizza?
  11. Messy wardrobe or organized wardrobe?
  12. Plan for the future or live in the moment?
  13. Read an English literature book or solve a complex physics problem?
  14. Playing sports or watching movies?
  15. Home assignments or home chores?
  16. Family or friends?
  17. Reading stories or reading jokes?
  18. Routine life or life full of challenges?
  19. Virtual meeting or real in-office meeting?
  20. Enjoy physical tasks or mental tasks?
  21. Emotional or practical?
  22. Big house or a small apartment?
  23. Harley Davidson or Hayabusa?
  24. A drummer or a guitarist?
  25. Morning person or a night owl?
  26. Cheat on an exam and pass or fail, honestly?
  27. Stay sober or drink till you pass out?
  28. Family business or your dream job?
  29. Play pranks on your teacher or scare your friends to death?
  30. Sensitive nature or hardcore nature?

This or That Food Questions

This or That Questions
  1. Dine-in or home delivery?
  2. Grilled chicken or baked?
  3. Spicy Italian food or Japanese cuisine?
  4. Strawberry smoothie or chocolate milkshake?
  5. Curly fries or steak fries?
  6. Frozen food or fresh food?
  7. Pie or a cake?
  8. Burritos or tacos?
  9. Chocolate cookies or crispy doughnuts?
  10. Fish or pork?
  11. Ketchup or Chilli garlic sauce?
  12. Chocolate spread or peanut butter?
  13. Noodles or Ramen?
  14. Salads or nuts?
  15. Beer and pizza or beer and smoked pork?
  16. Lasagne or pasta?
  17. Nuggets or onion rings?
  18. Mayonnaise or tomato sauce?
  19. Sports drink or soda?
  20. Apple or banana?
  21. Chicken wings or drumsticks?
  22. Chocolate chips or whipped cream?
  23. Eating with friends or eating with a partner?
  24. Chips or popcorn for a movie night?
  25. Mcdonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts?
  26. Spill a drink on your shirt or on your friend’s shirt?
  27. Eat only meat for your whole life or eat junk food?
  28. Give up on fruits or veggies?
  29. Planting vegetables in the backyard or buying from the store?
  30. Milk or tofu?

This or That Questions for Work

  1. Full-time job or freelancing?
  2. Short-term planner or long-term planner?
  3. Hard worker or look busy do nothing kinda guy?
  4. Work anywhere in the world or stay close to family and friends?
  5. Work on deadlines or always miss deadlines?
  6. Observant or inattentive?
  7. Quick thinker or slow learner?
  8. Take illegal or unethical shortcuts to earn money or work hard towards a goal?
  9. A serious person or a hilarious one?
  10. Waste salary on shopping or traveling?
  11. Physical work or computer work?
  12. Stay in the current moment or go back in time?
  13. Lots of friends or a few good ones?
  14. Arrogant but fair or nice but shrewd boss?
  15. Public transport or own car?
  16. Hide your knowledge or share it with everyone?
  17. Love being an introvert or enjoying life as an extrovert?
  18. Laptop or desktop computer?
  19. Voice text or video calls?
  20. Peace and quiet or an environment full of energy?
  21. Enjoy working with a diverse workforce or only native workers?
  22. A good follower or a brilliant leader?
  23. Confident personality or a shy personality?
  24. Handle criticism positively or start to argue to prove your point?
  25. Motivated by appreciation or cash reward?
  26. Hold grudges to avenge later or forgive and forget easily?
  27. A human resource person or a marketing person?
  28. Dinner with co-workers or with family?
  29. An easy-going person or difficult to understand?
  30. Task-oriented or money-focused?

Hard This or That Questions

This or That Questions
  1. Live in a 3rd world country or country with a high cost of living?
  2. Go on a beach while it’s heavily raining or be in a desert’s dust storm t?
  3. Good memory till death or a bank account that is never empty?
  4. Live 7 lives with different people or live one good life with your significant other?
  5. Can money make relationships or break relationships?
  6. Caramel on ice creams or sprinkles?
  7. Become a chef or become a cop?
  8. Garnish your cocktail with mint or lemon?
  9. Eat a raw onion or a jalapeno?
  10. Visit the seven wonders of the world or play the latest version of your favorite videogame?
  11. Uses mind or heart?
  12. Creative thinker or logical thinker?
  13. Live in vain or die famous?
  14. Chicken salad or a Russian salad
  15. Online shopping or physical shopping
  16. Many friends/followers on social media or 
  17. Better friend or the worst enemy?
  18. Shower during the day or night?
  19. Sleeping with a pillow or sleeping with a pet?
  20. Buy an item or make an item?
  21. Wooden floor or tiled floor?
  22. Vodka or Everclear?
  23. Baked salmon or baked turkey?
  24. Christmas party or Halloween party?
  25. Jazz music or pop music?
  26. Love a German accent or a French accent?
  27. Friends or Family?
  28. Theater or museum?
  29. Flats or heels?
  30. Face a situation or run away from it as fast as possible?


Well, there you go. This is the no#1 list of this and that questions you’ll find on the internet. From funny to dirty ones, the post covers a diverse list of questions for everyone. Now you know how to break the ice or have a good time with your friends with this fun questions game. 

Whether you are playing with your co-workers or your partner, these simple, quick questions will reveal a lot about their personality. Just grab a few beers and enjoy!

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