8 Best Alcoholic Drinks for No Hangover

Alcoholic Drinks for No Hangover

Are you also tired of facing the unpleasant, nasty symptoms of a hangover and looking for some better booze that is least likely to give you a hangover?

There is no second thought that a hangover is the most nasty aftereffect of alcohol that all drinkers experience in their life. And even studies show that 75% of drinkers report a terrible hangover after sipping excessive alcohol. 

However, the tolerance level differs from person to person, thus, leading to different levels of severity.

So, listed below are the best drinks that help you enjoy alcohol without suffering an unpleasant hangover afterward. 

How Do Alcoholic Drinks Lead to Hangovers? The Factors To Eye On!

When considering the culprits of hangovers, multiple factors at the back end play their roles, out of which the most important ones are the amount of alcohol and congeners. 

The amount of ethanol or alcohol content in a drink determines the strength of alcohol, how long it will stay in the body, and irritate the GI lining. Moreover, it gets converted into acetaldehyde on metabolism, whose build-up is known to contribute to a nasty hangover by suppressing glutathione production. Therefore, the more ABV of the drink, the greater the risk of waking up with a bad hangover. 

On the other hand, congeners are all the by-products produced during the fermentation of yeast and distillation other than ethanol. These include methanol, acetone, ethanol, etc. The congeners compete with ethanol in the body, thus increasing the absorption time and ultimately resulting in a severe hangover. And studies also confirm that congeners like methanol play a role in Hangovers by increasing the metabolism period.

Apart from these, the added sugars and additives also contribute to bringing hangovers by hindering the natural glucose production of the body and causing dehydration. 

Top 8 Best Alcoholic Drinks For No Hangover

After years of studying, it is claimed that all alcohols that are light-colored, have fewer added additives and sugars, and contain low ABV is the best booze to opt for to keep dreadful hangovers at bay.

Now that you are up with what factors sum up to give you an unbearable hangover, let’s enlist the best alternative Alcoholic Drinks to switch to in order to enjoy without facing hangover symptoms. 

The top categories are:

1. White Wine

Alcoholic Drinks for No Hangover

If you long for a drink that offers taste and aroma and yet helps avoid hangover symptoms, wine, and to be more specific, white wine, is the best bet to make. It contains 5 to 15% alcohol mostly and comparatively less sugar due to the presence of grapes as a natural sweetener. 

2. Light Beer

Alcoholic Drinks for No Hangover

The second option in the row comes with light beer. It is a light-colored drink that confirms the presence of fewer congeners, thus proving to be a good fit as alcohol with the least hangover chances. And to add more, light beers mostly have 4.2% ABV and no added sugar except for the fermentation process.

3. Vodka Light 

Alcoholic Drinks for No Hangover

Vodka light can be counted as yet another hangover-free Alcoholic beverage. It contains less, and in some cases, no congeners, and usually less than 30% ABV.

However, it is better to go for good quality vodkas as cheap ones usually have added sugars, artificial flavors, and additives. 

4. Tequila 

Like vodka light, tequila is another sound drink that will help you enjoy the soulful taste without experiencing nasty hangover symptoms. The reason lies in its composition, which includes:

  • Fewer congeners¬†
  • No sugar
  • Less ABV percentage¬†

However, it’s essential to make sure that you go for 100%pure tequila as the mixed ones have relatively high congeners and flavors.

5. Gin

Where artificial flavors, added sugar, and a large number of congeners contribute to a bad hangover, gin lacks them all. 

Therefore, you can also switch to gin as your non-hangover drink.

6. Whiskey

Whiskey is yet another option to go for. It also has fewer added sugars and congeners. 

However, the alcohol content is different in different spirits, depending on the type. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the ABV yourself before buying one.

7. Light Rum 

Similarly, light rums have fewer sugars, a milder flavor than dark rums, and fewer congeners. So, you can go for it too. However, again, you need to consider its average alcohol content.

8. Sake

Last but not least, how about going for sake? It not only lacks sugars and additives but also contains no sulfites and histamines. Moreover, it contains low alcohol content too. (13 to 17%).

So, if you are striving for a pleasant morning with no hangover symptoms, get yourself either of the drinks mentioned above.

Which Drinks To Avoid For No Hangover?

Just like there are some drinks that help keep dreadful hangovers at bay, there are some worst categories too that have toxins, sugars, and congeners seeped into them. These include:

  • Red wine¬†
  • Champagne¬†
  • Bourbon¬†
  • Brandy

All these are dark-colored liquors that are:

  • Rich in sugars
  • High levels of histamines
  • More congeners and tannins

Therefore, it is best to avoid having them as they are known to result in a terrible hangover.

Ways To Tackle The Symptoms Of A Hangover 

Last but not least, here are a few ways that can help you tackle a bad alcohol hangover. These are:

  • Drinking plenty of fluid, particularly green tea, and honey, to avoid dehydration
  • Don‚Äôt drink empty stomach
  • Have a healthy breakfast to up your glucose level
  • Take any anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Get some caffeine or coffee¬†
  • Get enough sleep

Final Verdict

To cut the story short, hangovers are the worst nightmares of alcohol that one can have. It often leaves you with mental and physical distress, including headaches, dizziness, nausea, etc. 

So, you can go for these non-hangover drinks to avoid adverse symptoms. However, it would be better to switch to Non-Alcoholic Alternatives like juices that are not only hangover free but also good for your health.

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