4 Best Beers for Health: Top Beers for Your Well-Being

Beers for Health

We now present to you a list of the healthiest beers that you can drink, especially if you’re a health-conscious individual. The words ‘beer’ and ‘healthy’ seem weird when you see them side by side, but trust us – The beers on this list aren’t going to do damage to your health in the long run. Some of the beers in this list even include vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your body and will improve the condition of your heart. That’s always a good thing. 

To create this list, we have enlisted the help of certain doctors, nutritionists, people who own breweries, people who work at breweries, dieticians, as well as dozens of health-conscious individuals who also aren’t afraid to drink a few beers every once in a while. All of the beverages here are very refreshing and are sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. So if you wanna know what these healthy beers are, then keep on reading!

What Types of Beers are Better for Health?

1. Abita Purple Haze

This beer is perfect for those who aren’t too fond of the beverage’s standard bitter taste – Which, notably, has put off certain people from drinking beer in the first place. Not only does this beer not taste like beer, but it’s also packed with nutrients that are beneficial for heart health. Ingredients include fresh raspberry puree, all containing an antioxidant punch to keep your gut and digestive system healthy. You are sure to love this beverage’s fruity aroma.

2. Deschutes Brewery Da Shootz

This is a beverage that is filled with so many hops, but consuming them won’t put a small dent in your overall health. It’s also a beverage that’s super light on the caloric content, making it an excellent beer for weight watchers. The flavor is also wonderful, and you can pair it up with any snack or a full meal – Be it barbecue, hamburgers, or even something simple like chips and salsa. It is a pilsner-type beer that is clean, lightly toasted, and with a hint of citrus. 

3. Left Hand Good Juju 

This beer is filled with lots of ginger, which can help boost your immune system and is just a healthy ingredient to add to both food and drinks. It’s a one-of-a-kind ale that is a great combination of herbs and spices, thus resulting in a flavor that is bold, spicy, and herby – Kind of like a ginger soup or your favorite ginger ale. There are not many calories in this beverage either, so it won’t serve an impact on your overall health in a negative way. 

4. Full Sail Session Lager

The packaging for this beer is one-of-a-kind, coming in an old-school beer bottle from the 50s. But that doesn’t mean the beverage tastes boring – In fact, it’s a far cry from the dozens of mass-produced lagers that you can find in convenience stores and liquor shops. It’s a healthy beverage, too, packed with loads of flavor and a lower amount of calories. Feel free to chug down a bottle of this product while serving barbecue with your friends or while watching a sports event on TV. 

What Beers to Avoid for Health 

1. Newcastle Brown Ale 

This is actually one of the UK’s best-selling ales. Compared to other UK beers, it doesn’t have a high amount of alcohol, so it won’t get you drunk – But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s also a healthier choice. It’s got a unique blend of roasted malts and hops that were imported from the USA, giving the beverage a flavor that’s roast, crisp, and very smooth. The taste, meanwhile, has been described as having a sort of breadiness with hints of sweet licorice. 

2. Bud Light Strawberita 

Strawberry margaritas already contain so many calories – What more if combined with the fizziness and carbonation of beer? Unhealthy content aside, this drink is very refreshing and balances the authentic flavors of a margarita with a twist of Bud Light. It’s the perfect summer drink that you can drink all by yourself or pair up with the food of your choice. The taste has been described by drinkers as tangy and refreshing, with the flavors of tart lemon and sweet strawberries. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Health 

Is Beer Even Healthy in the First Place? 

As long as you consume these drinks in moderation, yes, beer can actually be healthy for you. As mentioned a few times, drinking beer does wonders for your heart and is associated with a lower risk of heart failure. It also contains loads of antioxidants, which can improve your gut movement and digestion. Some beers also have nutrients that can get rid of cholesterol. The only advice here is to limit your beer intake to at least one can or bottle per week.  

How Do You Choose a Healthy Beer?

Plenty of the health benefits from beer come from a natural antioxidant called phenol, which also includes anti-inflammatory properties. Increasing the amount of phenol in your body reduces your risk for heart ailments and promotes good digestion, as well as brain function. Darker beers, such as porters and stouts, have more phenols compared to lighter ones. Meanwhile, hoppy beer like IPAs is also healthy for you when you drink it sparingly – Hops are known to reduce inflammation in the body. 

Can Beer Reduce the Risks of Dementia?

No, there is no proof that drinking plenty of beer can reduce your chance of dementia – In fact, it does the opposite. This applies to all kinds of alcohol, not just beer. Not only that, too much alcohol can reduce your ability to create long-term memories.

Rounding up the Best Beers for Health 

Those are the best beers you can drink up if you are a health-conscious individual. But if we were to pick the ultimate beverage to chug down, we would have to go with the Abita Purple Haze, as it contains plenty of ingredients that are beneficial for your body. A beer tasting like raspberries is pretty much amazing as not only does it not taste bitter, but there are also plenty of health benefits that you can get when you chug down this beverage. 

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