10 Best Beers In Costco: Exploring Costco’s Beer Options

Best Beers In Costco

Aiming to buy some good alcoholic drinks without breaking the bank from Costco, but aren’t up with the best categories to opt for? Then stop right here, as we have the perfect information and guidelines for you.

Costco is a multinational warehouse club in which different brands of merchandise are available for buying at a very suitable price range. But the problem comes when you have to select the best ones out of a plethora of options. So, to help you out, we consulted a lot of beer enthusiasts and came up with a selected list of the best beers present at Costo. 

Want to unravel these best categories? Then, without further ado, jump to the next section.

10 Best Costco Beer Selection 

From Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout to Kirkland Blonde Ale, there are numerous perfect-tasting beer brands present at Costco that never fail to content your heart and quench your thirst to the fullest.

Of these, the top 10 best Costco beer selections are:

1. Corona Extra

Best Beers In Costco

Corona is a familiar beer brand that over 85% of people in the U.S. are known to have tried, and Corona Extra is an appreciated variation of it. 

Basically, it is an American lager made using the following ingredients:

  • Malt
  • Hops
  • Barley
  • Antioxidants
  • Yeast
  • Propylene glycol. 

And guess what? You end up getting a malt-flavored drink with a very mild to low-hop bitterness. 

Overall, you can claim it to be a sweeter version of a simple Corona drink enriched with a slight tartness, honey, and grassy notes.

So, why not give this unique grassy drink carrying a perfect taste profile a try?

2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Another artisanal beer you can freely buy at Costco is the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 

Overall, it is a hazy, colored, soothing drink with a slight whitish foamy head. 

Next, stepping to the flavor profile, this Costco beer is known to have a delightful taste with a slight citrusy hint. Indeed, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a very light-bodied drink to opt for. The best part is that although this drink has a slightly bitter undertone, the composition is so fine that it adds a unique taste instead of making it highly bitter.

3. Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Belching Beaver is yet another known beer brand for producing unique beers that know how to win the hearts of its users, and of these, one is the all-time famous Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout.

This rich drink, available at Costo, is made of a unique combination of hops, malt, barley, yeast, water, and gluten that sum up to give a perfectly blended and creamy texture to the drink, along with a cascading aroma of buttery, roasted peanuts.

4. New Glarus Raspberry Tart

Are you looking for a fruity drink in the best beer lineup present in Costco? Then why not go for this New Glarus Raspberry Tart? It contains up to 4% ABV. 

From the first sip to the last, the New Glarus Raspberry Tart drink has a unique Oregon blueberry taste that knows how to content your taste buds. 

Apart from the main ingredients in all beer, this beer by New Glarus contains a rich raspberry taste that makes the drink refreshing and crisp. 

5. Kona Brewing Company Big Wave Golden Ale

Kona Brewing Company Big Wave Golden Ale is a craft beer available at Costco. Unlike other drinks, which are mostly sweet and overwhelming, it is a simple, mildly dry-flavored drink.

The drink has a crisp and refreshing flavor profile with a golden hue, white frothy head, and tropical fruity aroma.

So, why not try this catchy box of 24 packs of green and blue beers?

6. Kirkland Blonde Ale

Best Beers In Costco

If you are looking for a citrusy drink available at Costco, Kirkland Blonde Ale is a sound option to settle for.

The drink is made using two types of hops

  • Citra
  • Cascade

These two hops give a rich, citrusy profile to the drink. Additionally, it has some fruity and herbal aromas, giving the drink a soothing and refreshing taste.

7. Two Brother’s Ebel’s Weiss

Two Brother’s Ebel’s Weiss is a hefeweizen style beer with 4.9% ABV. 

The drink has a rich banana taste and clouds with a slight vanilla flavor. Additionally, the malts add a unique crispness to the drink, along with which the added lemon gives a slight citrousness.

And the best part is that the drink is so smooth and light-bodied that it goes well with all kinds of meals.

8. Yuengling Lager

Yuengling Lager is a unique Lager that you will remember the taste as soon as you take the first sip, and the taste will make you long for more. 

It is an amber-hue-colored drink with roasted caramel malt, making it a medium-bodied drink with subtle sweetness and hoppy, malty flavors.

9. Blue Moon Beer

Blue Moon Beer is a golden-colored drink with a slight orange hint and light creaminess.

The prime ingredients used in it are:

  • Valencia orange peel
  • Wheatstone
  • Oats
  • Coriander 

And guess what? You end up brewing an iconic drink with substantial sweetness, a wheat undertone, and a slight coriander whiff.

10. Kirkland Kolsch German Ale

The Kirkland Kolsch German Ale is a German-style lager present in Costco. It is made using dark-roasted Munich, dark caramel malt, and pilsener.

Overall, it has a unique golden haze appearance with a very smooth and soothing texture that comes with a bitter taste at the end and a quirky aroma. Brewers and drinkers claim it to be a light-bodied drink that smells more or less the same as that of


And with this, the list comes to an end, too. Apart from these, there are numerous other beer brands at Costco, each serving better and more delightful drinks than others.

So, why not start giving these beers out of the Costco beer selection a quick try?

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