Top 10 Most Remarkable Bosnian Beer Brands To Discover

Bosnian Beer

Over the past few years, the beer scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina has dramatically increased, thanks to the Bosnian beer industry that introduced a diverse range of flavorsome beers.

With so many breweries emerging in the region, Bosnians can enjoy quality beers at affordable prices. So, if you plan to visit Bosnia, please try these top ten remarkable Bosnian beer brands.

1. Sarajevkso Pivo

Bosnian Beer

If you ever search for the top-rated beer in Bosnia and Herzegovina region, the first name that will pop up on your screen would be ‘Sarajevkso Pivo.’

Sarajevkso Pivo is the best-selling beer in the country. It is the pride of the nation, offering matchless flavors and aromas. The beer is an exceptional Pilsner-style European Pale Lager with a standard 5% alcohol by volume. It pours a golden color with a large, long-lasting white foamy head that recedes to a beautiful lacing. 

With the most potent hop character and incredible complexity, the aromatic flavors of Sarajevkso Pivo suggest grains, bread, and herbal flavor with hints of grassy hops. The taste matches the nose with additional notes of apple and light sweetness. It is light-bodied with average carbonation and a pleasant mouthfeel. 

Among all the Balkan beer brands, Sarajevkso Pivo has the best flavors in the Lager category.

2. Tuzlanski Pilsner

Tuzlanski Pilsner is a product of Pivara Tuzla. It is another European Pale Lager with a strength of 4.7% ABV. With a bright golden body and a three-finger head of foam, this beer is the ultimate solution to your cravings, with a crisp feel.

The honeyed malt and grassy hops’ aromatic flavors mingled with Lager yeast create a perfect beer profile. Tuzlanski Pilsner is a delicious beer with low carbonation and a crisp, smooth mouthfeel. It is clean, refreshing, and quaffable. Moreover, it goes well with fatty smoked meat, so try this beer with your friends to elevate your drinking experience.

3. Mostarsko Pivo

With a transparent medium-yellow body and frothy off-white head with good retention and lacing, Mostarsko Pivo is an International Premium Pale Lager brewed in Bosnia. The aroma and flavor offer different malts mingled with herbal, grassy hops and a touch of bread. 

It is a light to medium-bodied beer with decent carbonation. Also, the beer feels pleasant on the palate with a bitter finish. You can even pair it with traditional Bosnian dishes to uplift the taste.

Mostarsko Pivo is a decent option available in the region at an affordable price.

4. Nektar Pivo

Grab a Lager glass, pour Nektar Pivo, and enjoy the irresistible flavors with exceptional characteristics. It is also an International Premium Pale Lager with a standard 5% alcohol content. The beer has a light golden body, a white foamy head, and a flavorsome taste. 

It is a fusion of malts and hops with a metallic touch. The beer profile is decent, making it worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, it is highly drinkable and has thirst-quenching qualities.

5. Preminger

Do you know which Bosnian beer can be the next pride of the Bosnian beer industry? Yes, it is Preminger!

Like Nektar and Mostarsko, Preminger is also an International Pale Lager with a strength of 4.8% alcohol by volume. It has a yellowish-golden hue with a short-lived white foamy head. 

The herbal, grassy, and mild grainy aroma with hints of sweetness makes a perfect flavor profile. It is a low-carbonated light-bodied beer with a decent mouthfeel and refreshing taste. The overall flavor is excellent, so don’t forget to discover its distinct taste on your next trip to Bosnia.

6. Gorštak Pale Ale

Bosnian Beer

An American Pale Ale with a 6% ABV can be your next favorite beer in Bosnia. Do you know why?

Gorstak Pale Ale is a highly drinkable beer with a biscuit and caramel aroma of barley malt. It pours a dark golden shade with a medium-sized white foamy head that retains well for a few minutes. 

The smell and taste suggest citrus fruit, tropical fruits, blueberry, honey, and pine with touches of four prominent American hops dominated by Mosaic hops. It offers a medium-bodied feel with average carbonation and a bitter aftertaste. However, the beer is crushable and worth trying, especially in summer.

7. Semizburg Karandoloz

With a dark Cascadian body, Semizburg Karandoloz is an Indian Pale Ale with 6% alcohol by volume. It pours a deep blackish-brown color with a frothy beige head that retains for a short time and recedes to a thin lacing.

The aroma brings the best fusion of resiny hops and toasted malt with a malt flavor. It provides a pronounced earthy character to enhance the taste. Semizburg is a lively combination of malts and piney hops. Discover its deliciousness by yourself!

8. Trojansko Pivo

Are you a fan of English Pale Ale? If yes, Trojansko Pivo is your type!

The beer is another flavorful Bosnian Ale, offering biscuity malt, fruity notes, and grassy hops. With a hazy golden body topped with a short-lived and medium-sized foamy head, Trojansko has a strength of 5.5% ABV.

The aromatic flavors with Citra hops uplift the flavor profile with a refreshing mouthfeel and a pleasant aftertaste. It is quaffable and pairs well with traditional Bosnian food.

9. Cooltura APA

Cooltura is an American Pale Ale brewed with quality ingredients. The rich aroma of floral fruitiness with tropical fruit touch sweetens the flavor profile. It pours a dark amber color with a creamy head that stays persistent for a few minutes.

The beer is a light-bodied APA with low carbonation and a mildly sweet finish. Whether you like it or not, Cooltura is one of the decent beers available in Bosnia, especially for warm weather.

10. MCB Stout

Did anyone say Stout? MCB is the best choice!

The black body with a beige head enhances the appearance of MCB Stout. It offers roasted malt and coffee smell mingled with caramel and hops. The flavor is a reflection of the nose. It is a medium-bodied beer with average carbonation and a pleasant aftertaste. 

MCB Stout is an excellent option for official dinners, casual parties, and outdoor trips. 

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