Can Beer Be Mixed With Coke?

Can beer be mixed with coke

 Mixing beers with Coke is a strange idea for many people. This is because beers are alcoholic beverages, while Coke mainly contains zero alcohol content. Surprisingly, mixing Coke with alcoholic drinks is a prevalent practice worldwide and has many variations. In Germany, mixing coke with beer is famous and is called “Diesel” or “Cola Bier.”

What is beer mixed with coke called in Germany?

In Germany, beer mixed with cola is called “Diesel” or “Cola Bier.” With a diverse drinking culture, Germans often come up with various ways to enjoy their beer, and one method is by combining beer and Coca-Cola. This unique beverage is simply a mixture of beer and Coke, with no standard recipe and proportions that can vary depending on personal preference. There are many variations of this combination, and each mixture may have a different name. For example, mixing German wheat beer and Coca-Cola is called “Colaweizen.”

What do beer and coke mixed taste like?

Many people describe “Diesel” as sweet and refreshing. Beer can be combined with many different soft drinks, increasing the flavor and carbonation of some light beers.

When combining Coke with beer, they can enhance their flavors together. The sweetness of soda will calm the bitterness of beer, making it easier to drink for most people. In fact, mixing beer with Coke can help reduce the alcohol content and cut down on alcohol consumption. The taste of “Cola Bier” will be determined based on the beer and Coke you choose. For example, suppose you have a sweet tooth. In that case, you can choose some light beer variations to make the soda’s flavor more significant.

What happens if we mix beers with coke?

The carbon dioxide in soda, when mixed with alcohol in beers, will cause foam in your drink. Because of that, your Cola Bier will likely have foam on top, but it will be no different from foam in normal beer. The color of “Diesel” is usually dark brown with brown foam on top.

The carbon dioxide in Coke will also create bubbles inside your drink, which will significantly disappear after a few minutes of waiting.

Is it safe to mix beer with soda?

Yes, mixing beer with soda is safe. In fact, soda is a popular drink to mix with alcohol. This combination is really famous in Germany and you can find these drinks in many supermarkets.

However, you should consider the type of beer you want to use in the mixture. Generally, any beer with ethanol is safe when mixed with soda. On the other hand, it can be harmful if the drink has pure grain alcohol. Mixing pure alcohol with soda can lead to drinking too much and alcohol poisoning.

Mixing beer with caffeinated drinks is also not good for your health. Generally, cola has 8 mg of caffeine inside. If you use energy drinks like Red Bull, this number can go up to 30mg. In this mixture, alcohol will slow you down, while caffeine will keep you alert. This reaction will cause drinkers to experience some effects, such as impaired judgment, dehydration, and increased heart rate.

Is Cola Bier better for health than normal beer?

When it comes to reducing alcohol intake, a Cola Bier may have lower alcohol content than usual, but it presents another issue – sugar. Typically, a can of beer contains almost no sugar, while a can of Coke has around 9g of sugar. However, excessive beer consumption can lead to belly fat, as a can of beer typically contains 154 calories, compared to 138 calories in Coca-Cola. Therefore, consuming a Bier Cola with its high sugar and calorie content could elevate blood sugar levels and contribute to weight gain. If weight loss or even diabetes prevention is your goal, it’s best to avoid Coke and beer altogether to prevent harm to your body.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that although consuming less alcohol per glass may seem like a positive, Bier Cola can still get you drunk quicker. This is because the carbon dioxide in the Coke can cause your stomach to absorb alcohol at a faster rate than usual, leading to earlier intoxication.

How to make Cola Bier

It is recommended to choose a strong flavor beer in this combination to balance the Coke’s sweetness. Selecting diet Coke is also an option to reduce the sugar level in your drink. It is not necessary to only use Coca-Cola and. You can use other soft drinks such as Fanta or lime-flavored soda.

If this is your first time mixing beer with Coca-Cola, here is a bread-and-butter recipe for you:


One can or bottle of beer, lager, or pilsner beer is preferred.

One can or bottle of Coca-Cola.

Use ice or chill both coke and beer for the best result.

You can also add a slice of lime. This is optional.


  1. Put the ice first in a tall glass. Another option is to chill the drink. For beer, it is recommended to serve it at 38°F. If you are using lager beer, a lower temperature is preferred. 
  2. Fill half of the glass slowly with coke. Try to avoid putting in too much soda, as it will make the mixture too sweet.
  3. Let the bubbles calm down. 
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with beer. Remember to pour it slowly.
  5. Use a spoon to mix the combination together, and it can serve immediately.

What is beer mixed with coke called in other countries?

In the UK or many English-speaking countries, the combination of coke and beer is just simply called “Beer coke.” This is because this mixture is not as popular in many parts of the world as in Germany. In the UK, a similar drink to “Cola Bier” is called Shandy, but this combination is a blend of beers and lemon soda.

In many countries, people tend to mix other alcoholic drinks than beer, such as wine, with soda. For example, in Spain, the combination of wine and Coca-Cola is called Calimocho or Kalimotxo in Belgium. In France, mixing beer with lemonade is considered a cocktail called Panache.

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