7 Best Drinking Games for Two: Fun Ways To Spend Time Together

Drinking Games For Two

When you imagine drinking games, you likely think of college parties, BBQs, or game day parties where a few people sit around a table and play games with cards, coins, balls, or cups. But if you’re hanging with a buddy or partner, you maybe wish to play drinking games for two. 

At a party, there can be instances where you get eliminated from a drinking game yet prefer to play something or if you and your partner wish to sneak away and play different games. 

Whatever the scenario, this essay will offer nine interesting and enjoyable two-player drinking games to avoid playing beer pong alone all night.

1. Spin The Bottle

Drinking Games For Two

It isn’t your standard spin-the-bottle, though. Try this game with your partner in another manner. The idea of the game maintains unchanged; however, instead of having the bottle point toward a person, have it point toward an object like chocolate, frosting, or clothes.

If the bottle points toward one of these things, do something exciting and sweet using it to captivate your partner. You may take turns playing this game, and anyone who doesn’t do it properly has to take a shot. 

You may make the game exciting and delicious with pen, paper, hot peppers, sugar, blindfold, fortune, or sweets.

2. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

“These Cards Will Get You Drunk” is an enjoyable and revealing party game that may get you drunk. The cards are pretty creative and will quickly have you both laughing. It’s clear to follow. Take turns picking a card from the deck and reading it loudly, going clockwise.

Read the directions on every card to discover who has to drink. With this funny game, you’ll receive 100 different cards that you can use to compete, vote, and mess with others. The game works best with more players, but it may still be enjoyed with just two people. 

Certain cards may have to be passed over and kept for later. Just be prepared for each to get slightly strange. The game was a big hit, and they created a sequel called “These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too.”

3. Beer Pong

Drinking Games for Two

Undoubtedly, a drinking game article is only finished with adding beer pong. While this game typically happens with a group, two people will enjoy it. You’ll require 12 plastic cups, some beer, a beer pong table, and two ping-pong balls to play. 

Put six plastic cups filled with beer at each end of the table to prepare it. Afterward, the two players must toss a ping-pong ball into one of their opponent’s cups to make them drink.

If a player succeeds, the empty cup must be removed to make it more challenging for others to score again. Whoever eliminates all cups first wins.

4. Flip Cup

If you were in college, you undoubtedly played flip-cup at least once. College Stats conducted a survey revealing that flip cup is the 3rd most common drinking game for college parties, after beer pong. You only need two light plastic cups to play flip cup with a good friend. 

You’ll require a table with some drinks. Beer is best; however, you can have whiskey, tequila, and even champagne (if you’re fancy). And there’s generally “near beer.” Put your cups on the table before you and sit across from your rival. 

Load them with your favorite drink and start drinking! Then, flip your cup over and set it close to the table’s edge. Flip the cup swiftly with one finger so it falls right side up.

If, at first, you fail, keep trying once more. And once more. We enjoyed putting this game on our list as it is always enjoyable with more than two people.

5. Never Have I Ever

Yet another enjoyable game that’s typically played in groups is Never Have I Ever. But it is as satisfying as a drinking game for two, mainly if you are interested in getting to know someone better or want to find out if there’s something crazy you haven’t learned about them yet!

In the beginning, player A says a thing they have never done before. For instance, they could say, “Never have I ever gone sky diving before.” Player B has to drink if they did what Player A stated.

Player B begins making a “Never have I ever” question, and the game proceeds back and forth. This game is renowned for drawing out hidden or shocking statements, but you may get as clean or dirty as you want.

But know that the more you drink, the more difficult it is not to figure out how courageous and crazy the other person is in their life. 

Additionally, remember that this game may not be as enjoyable if you already know the person well since you may mention everything you know about them but have yet to.  

6. Higher Or Lower

Higher Or Lower is an excellent game if you seek something simple and fast. You only need a deck of cards or an app on your phone that helps you play cards. The dealer puts a card from the top of the deck on the table.

Another person then tries to guess if the following card is higher or lower than the card already on the table.

You could have guessed that the dealer drinks when the second player is correct. When the second player is incorrect, on the other hand, it’s time they have to drink.

7. Two Truths And A Lie

A fantastic icebreaker that takes an extra kick from the drink. This is an excellent game for two people who already know one another well or who want to learn more about one another. How does it work?

The first player talks about themselves three times. One of the claims has to be a lie. The following player then gets to choose which the lie is. If the second player guesses right, the first player must drink, though if they think wrong, the second player gets to drink.


There will be a drinking game on the above list for you and your companion, whether you’ve been friends with one another since high school or recently met and want to break the ice. The objective of this list is to keep you engaged.

Many individuals think of drinking games as being played in big groups, but when you select the correct game, you may have just as much fun or greater enjoyment with just two people.

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