International Drinking Game [Rules & Steps]

International Drinking Game

It’s time to turn down the sobriety and get your head in the ultimate International Drinking Game.

For centuries, drinking games have been played by people all across the globe. Regardless of the country, these games bring together friends and strangers, creating a feeling of joy for everyone.

The international drinking game is one of the most popular games in Britain. It’s famous because of its simple set of rules that anyone can understand. Like other British Games, it does not require any physical effort to fully enjoy the game.

The rule that makes the game more exciting is different people belonging to diverse cultures can suggest a rule of their native country. That way, each player gets to contribute an idea, and a feeling of socializing and acceptance is developed. The rules can be modified, but all the changes and settings must be made before the game. The game can be played with any number of players.

In this article, you will get to know the rules that each player must abide by to save himself from the punishment ( downing the drink), and some safety measures you should follow while playing a drinking game. So if you’re looking to buzz up your drinking party, try the International Drinking Rules. 

Game Play

You don’t need any specific items to start with. Either you can add these simple rules to your beer party, or you can use a deck of cards and set rules for each number in the deck. The choice is completely yours regarding how you wanna play the game. All it requires is a group of players and plenty of shots/beers to enjoy your Saturday.

International Drinking Game Rules 

International Drinking game rules are quite easy to plan out but can get hard to follow as you get drunker. The addition of each player’s creativity in the rules makes the game more fun and crazy. The rules can be simple or strange, and failing to follow the instructions will lead to drinking a shot. So, it’s time to put the sobriety aside and have the most memorable night of your life. 

To start with, prepare a list of rules that every player must follow. Check out some of the crazy rules made just for your party.

  • This one sounds easy but can actually be very tricky. Avoid calling a player by his/her first name or nickname. You can only use last names. This becomes hard when you get intoxicated and lose focus.
  • If a player is a right-handed person, he/she will use their left-hand, and left-handed players will use their right hand. All players must use their weak hands throughout the game. 
  • Avoid saying the most common words like “drink” “table” “bartender” or “shooter.” If a player accidentally uses the prohibited word, he/she has to take a sip.
  • Swearing is not allowed. The rule is simple, but a slip of the tongue can get you in trouble.
  • Place the drink at a thumb’s length from the edge of the table.
  • Pointing at any player is not allowed. The pointing person gets punished immediately and is made to take a shot.
  • Can’t put an empty glass down on the table. The player has to refill the glass or keep it in hand. Most players go for refilling their booze.
  • A player must announce out loud before running to the washroom the actions he/she will be doing in the toilets. Disgusting but funny!
  • Speak in a foreign accent.
  • Avoid complaining. Enjoy your night to the fullest.
  • If a player throws a coin in another player’s drink then that player drinks the entire glass and spills the coin on the table. So make sure to guard your beverages.
  • Any penalized player has the option to pick a partner, so each time the player drinks, they are joined by their partner.
  • Pinkies out while drinking. It’s a gentleman’s game, after all.
  • A two-finger pour is the most common penalty.

These are just a few rules to get the party started, but the players can always make changes and add an extra set of rules as per their cultural background. With a mix of different rules, you can be sure to have unlimited fun!

Other English Drinking Games You Must Try Out

Fuzzy Duck

This is a hilarious game made for a group of friends. It doesn’t require any physical items except a few cans of beer. All the players sit in a circle with their drinks in front of them, and the first player goes on to say Fuzzy Duck. In response, the player next to him says, “Fuzzy Ducks” or “Does he?”. The phrase “Does he?” reverses the game and moves it in the opposite direction, with each player saying “Ducky fuzz” instead of Fuzzy Duck or Does He?. The player who messes up has to down the drink.

Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire is a popular British game. It is played with a deck of cards, with each number representing a different rule. For instance, if a player draws 4 then all the girls in the group must drink, or if number 3 is drawn, the player who drew the card will drink. A big pint glass is placed in the center called the “Kings Cup.” The player who draws the last king must drink all the contents of the King’s Cup, and the game ends.


This game is similar to beer pong, except that it’s played with pennies/quarters and shots. The main objective is to throw the coin in the opponent’s cup. If a player manages to land a coin 3 times straight in a row, then he/she can make a new rule for the game. The game looks easy, but only the player with the strongest hand-eye coordination can nail the game.

Safety Measures To be Taken 

Drinking games are a great way to socialize with your friends. But be aware of the consequences of excessive drinking. You can follow some simple safety measures to avoid any harm and yet enjoy your game with a high buzz.

  • Learn to say no. You must know your capacity. Any time you feel full, just back out. Avoid showing offs otherwise, you’ll end up puking all over the floor.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Take a proper meal or snack before and while having a drink, as it will help slow down the absorption of alcohol in the body.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the game to reduce the dehydrating effect of the alcoholic beverage.
  • Don’t even think of driving. The more you drink, the more you lose your concentration, and your vision is blurred. Drunk driving can cause severe accidents and even deaths. You can either use public transportation or ask a non-drinker to drop you off.
  • Avoid excessive drinking, as you don’t want to wake up in the morning completely embarrassed.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with medications. You never know what effects it might have on your body. Play safe and enjoy the game.


The International Drinking Game rules can be added to any drinking game that you are about to play or can be played on a normal drinking night. The fun part is each player gets to decide a rule or rules. So, if a group is made of players from different countries like America, the U.K., Russia, and China, imagine the level of creativity and the number of outrageous rules that will be set.  

Whatever you do, avoid excessive drinking. Follow the safety measures to keep yourself safe and minimize the harmful effects of alcoholic beverages. Drinking games are a great way to socialize with your friends and make new ones, but overdrinking may cause violent behaviors and consequently damage your precious relationships. Hope this post was useful for you and gave you a great idea for an awesome party!

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