How to Play Paranoia [Rules & Questions]

How to Play Paranoia

Want to play a wicked drinking game with your friends? Look no further! Paranoia is a simple mind game that can put your friendship to the test.

What’s more fun than a daring game that lets you find out what exactly your friends think about you? Paranoia is a drinking game that lets you drink and get wicked with your friends. The game revolves around a series of questions, starting from family-friendly questions to dirty s*x-related questions.

Paranoia, as the name suggests, is a game that plays with your mind. A player whispers a question to the player sitting next to him. That player has to say aloud the name of the person whom he/she thinks is the answer from the group. This increases the curiosity level of the player being named. That player keeps wondering why his name was taken till he decides to chug a beer to know the question. The questions posed are super fun but sometimes can make or break relationships.

Most college students and adults love to play this game. This is a drinking game that can make you do some silly things and even get you paranoid and fully drunk. So, remember to drink responsibly!

Continue reading to know the simple rules to play this game and a list of questions that can buzz up your paranoia game.

The Setup

It is a simple game that doesn’t require any physical items except some beer or shots. Gather 4 or more players to start the game. The game can be really entertaining if you have a large group of friends.

Make a long list of “Who” questions before the game, like “Who is the nerdy one in the group?”. The questions can be hilarious or outrageous. A list of the most fun questions is stated later in this post. 

Grab some of your favorite beers, or you can even get a few shots to get started. Beers are more fun and let you fully enjoy the game. Using hard liquors may end your game pretty quickly.

The game can be played anywhere from your room to a waiting area. Find a nice place to sit, gather some friends, prepare a list of questions, pick your favorite alcoholic beverage, and you’re all set to start the game.

Rules to Play Paranoia

Here are some rules for your guidance to play a fun-devilish game. It’s an easy drinking game to enjoy an awesome night with your friends.

  • Sit in a circular formation around a table or on a floor. Place beer glasses or shots in the centre.
  • The game begins by selecting a player. Usually, the youngest one goes first. That player asks a “Who” question to the player sitting right to him/her. For instance, “Who is the most beautiful girl in the group?” or “Who will die a virgin?” 
  • The player being questioned must answer out loud or point to the player on the table, whom he/she believes may be the answer.
  • Now the player being called out must decide what to do. There are two choices. One the player may ignore why his/her name was taken and the game continues. Second, that player can choose to neck down a drink if they wanna know the question. 
  • In both cases, the player being pointed at gets to ask the next question.
  • A player can pass a question only once or twice during the game.
  • The players can play the game as long as they want or end it if someone gets really pissed off. The most important thing is not to ruin the friendship over a game.

50 Fun Paranoia Questions to Spice up the Game

Who doesn’t want to know why their name was taken. A lot of questions start popping into the brain, like Why me? Or should I ask or not? Is it something stupid? If you want to make your friends paranoid and get them drunk, try these fun questions.

Some players might get defensive or offensive because of the question, so do not just overdo it! Try to stay positive throughout the game, as this is made for entertainment purposes only. You can always add more questions to make the game more entertaining.

Hilarious Ones

  1. Who is most likely to burp out loud in the crowd?
  2. Who has not taken a shower in weeks?
  3. Who wears the most make-up?
  4. Who loves to admire himself in the mirror?
  5. Who is still a virgin?
  6. Who has never kissed a girl?
  7. Who has a habit of picking his nose and eating it?
  8. Who is most likely to fart in an elevator full of people?
  9. Who sleeps with his teddy bear?
  10. Who cries during a movie?
  11. Who is worst at telling jokes?
  12. Who loves to stalk their ex?
  13. Who is most likely to have a bad foot odor?
  14. Who is most likely to have a crush on his/her teacher?
  15. Who is best at faking his way out of a problem?

Family-Friendly Ones

  1. Who is most likely to become a fashionista?
  2. Who is most likely to run a beer bar?
  3. Who loves shopping?
  4. Who loves bullying others for money?
  5. Who is worst at being punctual?
  6. Who loves cats the most?
  7. Who is the scaredy cat in the group?
  8. Who most enjoys a karaoke night?
  9. Who is the most arrogant person in the group?
  10. Who is the funniest one in the group?
  11. Who is best at making excuses?
  12. Who is the most handsome/beautiful person in the group?
  13. Who is a bookworm?
  14. Who is the bravest one?
  15. Who is slow as a turtle?


  1. Who loves to have s*x with two different people on the same night?
  2. Who has kissed someone in the group and never told anyone about it?
  3. Who is crushing on his/her best friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend?
  4. Who is the hottest one in the group?
  5. Who is to leave a friend in need – a fake friend?
  6. Who is most judgmental?
  7. Who has been to jail lately?
  8. Who is most likely to wear the same clothes in a row?
  9. Who has a secret tattoo?
  10. Who is a hypocrite in the group?
  11. Who will die first?
  12. Who is the most creepy one in the circle?
  13. Who is worst at flirting?
  14. Who is still a virgin?
  15. Who loves browsing dating apps?
  16. Who thinks of other girls/boys while having s*x?
  17. Who enjoys porn movies the most?
  18. Who has the worst dressing sense?
  19. Who is a master at lying?
  20. Who is the most show-off in the group?


This game can truly test your relationship. It’s a great way to know the inner side of your friends. You can always make the game more fun by adding more questions. Decide on a category and make a list of related “Who” questions. It’s a great college party game that can be played by a large group of friends. The fun part is each player gets to pose a question, and each player ends up getting drunk.

Avoid heavy drinking as it may cause you to become more paranoid and increases the chances of panic attacks. Remember, this is just a game, so don’t take it to heart. Enjoy quality time with your friends, and cheers!

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