How To Play Task Master [Rules & Steps]

how to play task master

Do you have the heart to take a dare? If yes, then Task Master is the perfect drinking game for you!

Task Master is like truth and dare game, except it focuses on players attempting dares rather than speaking truthful statements. It’s a multiplayer game that is played in public places involving complete strangers. It lets you do some crazy stuff and makes you drink, drink and drink!

A Task Master assigns the task to any player. The player has to do the task without letting anyone know about the game. Otherwise, they are penalized and made to drink. The task can be as easy as pole dancing in front of everyone to asking for someone’s phone number. If a player completes the task, he/she becomes the taskmaster.

Task Master is a popular game played throughout America and the U.K. Many college students indulge themselves in dare games to show off their brave attitude. The players might also end up making new friends by the end of the game as it involves speaking to strangers.

Keep reading the post to know the rules to play the Task Master game, and also, don’t forget to check out the list of some dares that can make your party a blast.

What Do You Need to Play Task Master?

There are only 3 things required to play the Task Master game. Friends, beer/spirits, a crowd full of strangers.

The game is played by 3 or more players. If you are playing with 5-7 players, you can get more creative dare ideas. Even two players can perform a single dare together, which makes it more entertaining.

The main purpose of the game is to get fully drunk by the end of the game. You can play this game with beers or shots. So both beer lovers and spirits fans can enjoy the game. 

Find a good place to play the game. The more crowded the place the better. It can be a bar or a club full of strangers. The point is to involve strangers in the dare without telling them anything about the game. You have to act natural. You can even take some pictures on your cellphones to laugh out loud in the morning.

Rules to Play Task Master

Task Master is a simple game with easy-to-understand rules. If you wanna have a night of life, just follow these simple rules to play an awesome game.

  • Plan out some good dares before the game. Keep your favorite beer or shots close to you.
  • The game begins by appointing a Task Master. The best way to do it is through rock, paper, and scissors or by drawing straws.
  • Once the Task Master is selected, he may assign different tasks to any player in the game.
  • The tasks can be super easy, like dancing for 20 secs in front of a crowd, or super difficult, like asking a stranger out on a date.
  • If the player refuses to attempt the task, he/she must neck down their entire drink and refill.
  • If the player attempts the task but fails to accomplish it, he/she has to drink half of their beverage.
  • If the player is successful in completing the task, all players except for the player given the task must chug their drinks.
  • On successful completion of the task, that player is appointed as the new Task Master.
  • The strangers must not be informed about the game otherwise the player gets penalized and made to drink the entire shot. 

Task Master Dares to Buzz up the Party

Check out these fun dares to play the Task Master drinking game. They can make you laugh all night long.

  1. Propose a girl/guy you don’t know from the crowd.
  2. Put on music and dance for a minute in front of everyone.
  3. Stand on the table and confess your most embarrassing secret out loud.
  4. Beg someone from the crowd $50, pretending you’re extremely needy.
  5. Entertain everyone by acting like a mime.
  6. Sing as if you are singing in a concert in front of a crowd.
  7. Ask any random boy/girl out on a date.
  8. Act like you’re possessed and scare off a few people.
  9. Act like an innocent person and convince people that you’re lost.
  10. Sing a romantic song to a stranger.
  11. Ask an entire group of girls to do your makeup.
  12. Act as a servant for someone for 5 minutes.
  13. Ask someone outside of the group to buy you a drink.
  14. Remove 3 items of your clothing in front of a group of friends.
  15. Act like a blind person and ask someone apart from your friends to help you.
  16. Act like a pet for someone for a minute.
  17. Talk to a stranger without a pause for 30 seconds.
  18. Scare someone by telling them you’ve killed a friend and you need their help to get rid of the body.
  19. Poke a stranger and run away. You can apologize later.
  20. Pretend to be a waiter or waitress and take orders from people you don’t know.

Task Master Vs. Jenga

Task Master and Jenga are both fun drinking games involving all players doing various tasks. Jenga is a block game with different instructions engraved on each block. The blocks are placed in the form of a tower. A player pulls out a block without making it fall. He/she then has to perform the task written on the block. For instance, if a block says “text your ex,” the player must text his/her ex or take a shot.

The game can make the whole group drink or just one player depending on the task written on the block. Jenga is an indoor game played among friends only, whereas taskmaster is played outside and involves interacting with strangers. For both games, prepare yourself for some insane dares.


Don’t feel shy to play a dare game as it can help you strengthen your friendship, make you braver and bolder, and creates a feeling of happiness inside. Task Master is an entertaining game that allows you to accomplish different tasks. Dares can be really silly or sometimes outrageous. It’s a fun way to enjoy a good time with your friends and capture the most memorable moments of your life.

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