What Does Moonshine Taste Like?

What Does Moonshine Taste Like

You would have heard about the highest alcoholic beverage, the moonshine. It is an illegal government-banned beverage because of its high alcohol content. Moonshine is traditionally created in homesteads and farms to look for low-budget alcohol. Because of legal issues, the brewing of moonshine liquor takes place at night; hence the name is derived from moonshine. However, manufacturers in certain parts of the United States produce this beverage under license.

Recently this beverage has gained a lot more attention among cocktail enthusiasts. This liquor is now available in several flavors, which greats a unique and refreshing taste. Moonshine always comes under high-proof liquors because of the higher level of alcohol concentration.

Moonshine entered the United States in the 18th century through Scottish and Irish migrants. During ancient periods mixing moonshine with other liquor offered them a delightful taste. Now “What does the moon shine taste like? “is a curiosity question, and this article lets us discover the taste of moonshine and many more facts about it.  

What Does Moonshine Taste Like?

What Does Moonshine Taste Like

A traditional moonshine and a corn base will give you a delicious and pleasant taste. There are different opinions from diverse people. Some say the taste is similar to that of whiskey and rum 151.

The plain moonshine gives you a delicate flavor with the critical taste of corn and white oak. People have also stated that it tastes like grappa and cider. Some say that it contains a little flavor of vanilla. However, all the flavors and varieties of moonshine will have a mundane taste. 

Some licensed manufacturers produce different varieties of moonshine. Moonshine offers three primary flavors: fruity, sweet, and spicy. If you love fruit beverages, you would love fruit-flavored moonshine. 

Apart from the taste, the moonshine holds a mild odor: a corn smell. If you choose a home-brewed moonshine, ensure you do not get a pungent smell since it is contaminated. Consuming those will lead to more harmful content in the system. 

Some even say it tastes like vodka since it looks transparent and contains more alcohol, but it is false. As said, moonshine has a rich, alcoholic content, about 40%-80%. 

How is Moonshine Made? 

The traditional moonshine is made from corn mash and sugar. The sugar source here creates methanol. The government bans moonshine during ancient times. 

Now moonshine production is legal under license; brewers have started creating and polishing their styles. The legal moonshine producers use a variety of sources in the distillation process. Honey, grain, and fruits are the best sources. Moonshine is created similarly but has few unique characteristics, making it a distinctive drink. 

Distillation is nothing but separating the alcohol from other components. It is done by giving heat to the substance and sending steam over a support or container having the mixture. This distillation process is in charge of creating an enormous amount of alcohol. The alcohol content in the moonshine is about 95 % higher than other alcoholic liquor. 

6 Most Popular Moonshine Varieties 

Today several companies started to brew moonshine in different tastes and flavors. Every moonshine has a unique flavor and taste. Even though it has a burning sensation in the throat and mouth, the beverage is delicious. We have discussed popular moonshine flavours and preferences available in the market. The famous moonshine and its taste are listed below for a clear idea. 

1. Midnight Moon Moonshine

What does moonshine taste like

It is not too strong but leaves you feeling like you are drinking vodka. The beverage comes from a distilled corn taste that is not too strong. 

2. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

It is also corn distilled and 100 proof. When they taste this beverage, people say it resembles old Chinese white rice.

3. Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine

It is traditional moonshine and holds 90 proof. This beverage combines brewed from corn, rye, and malted barley. It gives you a combination of both sweet and spicy flavors. This spirit leaves you with a strong kick, and with no surprise, it is smooth. 

4. Kings Country Distillery Moonshine

The flavor of this moonshine flavor is similar to that of  Tequila’s taste. This liquor is 80-proof as well as corn-distilled. This kind of moonshine is very aromatic and inclines near authentic corn flavors. 

5. Great America Moonshine

This is a malt-based beverage. It’s not too strong compared to other moonshines. The most popular flavor is Apple pie. It combines apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple cider, and cinnamon. 

6. Jeptha Creed Moonshine

It has a crisp and clean taste and is a potent moonshine of about 40 % ABV. This moonshine also has flavored moonshine, such as blackberry and cinnamon. People say that flavor would be the same as a whiskey one. 


The moonshine has an exotic flavor, and the taste will lift your mood. The taste of old-fashioned moonshine is less pleasant than the prepared legal one. The older one has a high burning sensation in the mouth and throat. Also, the moonshine has an unsophisticated solid flavor. Once it has become legal, the brewers have created more varieties and flavors.

The alcohol content from one moonshine will vary from the other range of moonshine. If you are fond of whiskey liquor, moonshine is the one you should not miss. It is significant to summon that this is a very intoxicating drink and be cautious in taking lesser amounts. Be sure that the moonshine you purchase is from a licensed manufacturer since the illegal one might be harmful. Excessive drinking of moonshine will lead to life-threatening consequences. 

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