8 Best Beers for Events: Brews for Any Occasion

Beers for Events

Beers, like most alcohol, are usually made for one thing: A way to liven up any party or gathering. And here is a list of what we consider the most suitable ones for these kinds of events. All of them are sure to keep you energized and refreshed – But of course, you can still chug down these brands when you just feel like relaxing. 

To create this list, we asked plenty of beer enthusiasts, bartenders, people who work in breweries, and people who own breweries. All of these can either be drank by themselves with a plate of yummy bar chow or mixed into a delicious beer-based cocktail such as a michelada. Are you excited to find out which beers are these? Then here we go!

What Types of Beers Are Better for Events?

1. Corona Extra

This is the ultimate party beer and is known for being crispy, light, and refreshing. It’s got nice fruity aromas with several hints of malt as two of its many main ingredients. It’s also got a smooth flavor that is well-balanced, all thanks to a brewing process that the Mexican company has been doing since 1925. You can serve this beer at parties as is, but an additional squeeze of lime juice gives it an extra zing. 

2. Bud Light 

Bud Light is a classic beer that carries the familiar scent of burnt grains. It’s also got that distinct aroma that comes from the plenty of hop varieties that the drink is made from – A combination of both imported grains and home-grown American grains mixed with rice and barley malts. It’s got lots of drinkability, and not to mention very refreshing when served ice-cold. 

3. Guinness Draught 

This is your standard pub beer and is famous across Ireland for a reason. Not only is it easy to drink, it’s also quite light and is a huge hit in countries with humid weather. The beverage itself has notes of coffee and chocolate and feels really creamy and smooth from the drink, along with the carbonation. The aftertaste might be a bit bitter for some, but it’s a great party drink once you get used to it. 

4. Heineken 

Heineken has a rather stronger alcohol level compared to the other beers on this list. However, it’s still got excellent carbonation, with a golden color when poured into a mug – A standard characteristic of a lager beer. The high alcohol content makes it excellent to be served at late-night parties, especially for those who want to feel a bit energized until the morning. 

5. Stella Artois 

Another famous European lager, this beverage has grown in popularity among beer aficionados thanks to its refreshing taste as well as its smoothness. It’s also got a light and medium body, with a crisp finish that makes its presence felt after you’re done drinking it. This is a beverage that is easy to drink and is sure to be a huge hit when served at a gathering. 

6. Pabst Blue Ribbon 

A popular party beer that has been crafted with a strong infusion of barley, as well as American-based Pacific hops. The fine and robust finish of this beverage is its defining characteristic as a pilsner beer, along with its beautiful golden color. It is a classic American beer that has been a welcome staple in so many college parties, barbecues, and Sunday lunches. 

7. Miller Lite 

One of the more popular “light” beers on the market, Miller Lite has that clean and refreshing flavor that everyone seems to like. And best of all, since it’s a lighter beer, there are not many calories in here and alcohol content – Allowing you to drink as many bottles as you can handle. There’s also that pronounced hop flavor that removes the bitterness of the beverage, adding to its drinkability. 

8. Coors Light 

A beverage that is crafted from two-row Lager malt and high-country barley, Coors Light is a staple beer that is drunk during sporting events, as well as sports or dive bars. It’s best paired with a delicious and juicy hamburger or some nachos, especially ones with zingy or spicy ingredients like chili. True to its advertising, the beer is at its best when served ice-cold. 

What Beers to Avoid for Events?

1. BrewDog Sink the Bismarck!

A rather sweet beer with high alcohol content. It also has a rather viscous texture, similar to a heavy stout. Not only will it get you drunk in just one bottle, but it’s also filling on the stomach as well – Not really the type of beer you’d drink at events, especially when you’re raring to chug down more than one bottle. 

2. Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

If you take note of the fact that consuming too many hops can make one feel lethargic and sleepy, then perhaps you’d stay away from this beer at a party. This is a beverage with a somewhat aggressive flavor from all of the hops included in it. But despite the overwhelming taste and aggressiveness of the beer, it’s still a refined beverage. 

FAQs About Best Beers for Events 

What Bar Food Goes Well with Beer?

Lighter beers like lager and pilsners pair well with spicy food like tacos and nachos with chili sprinkled on top, as well as Mexican and spicier Asian fare. Coffee-flavored stouts and porter beers are the best with barbecued, roasted, or grilled meats, which makes them taste well with burgers or cheesesteak sandwiches. Wheat-based beer goes with vegetable-based food, such as salads or even fruity desserts. Meanwhile, ales are great with certain cheeses and smoked meat. 

A Summary of the Best Beers for Events 

It is often said that a great party is incomplete without beer, and fortunately, we’re certain that one of these beers will surely liven up an event. Among the selections found on this topic, the best choice here is the classic Corona Extra. It’s been a staple of many parties, barbecues, and just about any gathering with friends. Don’t forget to bring a six-pack of this beloved brew the next time you come to an event where alcohol is welcome. 

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