10 Best Beers for Kidney Stones

Beers for Kidney Stones

Are you a beer fan dealing with kidney stones? Did you just learn that beer can help flush those out but don’t know which one you should have? Or, have you been told that beer will only damage your kidneys, but just can’t resist? No worries. Here’s our list of the 10 best beers for kidney stones.

Our collection features beers that offer comfort and refreshment, aiming to provide relief during difficult times. To ensure the quality of our selections, we asked the help of our trusted peers, beer lovers all around the world, to give us their recommendations. We then combined these with our own findings after testing some that weren’t in our original shortlist. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

 What Beers Are Better for Kidney Stones?

Our best beers for kidney stones include Guinness Draught, Bass Pale Ale, Boddingtons Pub Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Samuel Adams Boston Lager. We also included Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Fat Tire Amber Ale, Yuengling Traditional Lager, Coors Banquet Beer, and Miller Lite. Below are details about these products.

1. Guinness Draught

Our first choice is Guinness Draught, an Irish stout beer featuring a creamy texture and a slightly bitter flavor. Containing lower or moderate levels of hops, it is said to be a good option for people dealing with kidney stones.

2. Bass Pale Ale

Bass Pale Ale is an excellent option for those who enjoy malty-flavored beers. It comes in various taste combinations, but they all feature sweet flavors.

Additionally, the beer offers a touch of bitterness from the use of English or American hops. Such characteristics give it a slightly more complex taste compared to other choices.

3. Boddingtons Pub Ale

The unique feature of Boddingtons Pub Ale is its moderate hoppy content. According to our peers who tried it, this does not contribute to further calcium oxalate production.

In case you are unaware, calcium oxalate is one of the key contributors to the formation of kidney stones. However, knowing that this beer does not contribute to such, we could say that it is safe for kidneys.

4. Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale also features moderate malty sweetness and caramel-like flavor. It is less hoppy and bitter when compared to IPAs and pale ales. Its combination of mild fruitiness, hints of toffee, and nuts makes it more unique.

5. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Next on our list is Samuel Adams, which falls under the American lager category. It features a full-bodied and flavorful texture with some malt and moderate sweetness levels. It is a well-balanced beer in terms of flavors and content levels, too.

6. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada, an American pale ale, features a light and crisp taste. It is best known for its balanced hop character and moderate alcohol content.

Its ABV level only ranges around 5.6%, and its hop bitterness is often more prominent than other English beers.

7. Fat Tire Amber Ale

An amber ale from Colorado also offers you a malty and sweet-flavored beer. Like other beers mentioned, it has a moderate level of hoppy bitterness. The alcohol content is also low, ranging at 5.2% ABV only.

8. Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yuengling Traditional Lager is a bit purer than other beers. Yet, it still features a balance of bitterness and sweetness.

It also contains a low volume of alcohol and low oxalate levels. Its alcohol content is only 4.5%.

9. Coors Banquet Beer

Even though there are no scientific journals published about its efficacy, some of our peers told us that it helps them prevent kidney stones. As for the taste, it is reported to be sweet with some notes of bright fruits.

Furthermore, it contains ingredients that are good for health. Some of those include banana-bready bits, corn, and grain.

10. Miller Lite

Miller Lite doesn’t just help prevent kidney stones. It’s also a good choice for those who have some weight loss goals.

Unlike some other beers, this one features a low volume of alcohol, carbohydrates, and calories. However, even though it comes with a clean and crisp sensation, the flavor is not as complex as others.

What Beers to Avoid for Kidney Stones?

If you want to avoid developing kidney stones, then you must avoid beers that contain high oxalate, alcohol, sugar, artificial flavors, and sodium Beers. The following details show the reason this must be avoided:

1. High Oxalate Beers

Oxalates are one of the compounds that contribute to the formation of kidney stones. This becomes more possible when it binds with calcium. Thus, beers of this type should be avoided.

Also, remember that most darker beers feature high levels of oxalate as well. Thus, lighter ones are often better options.

2. Beers With High Alcohol Content

Alcohol, despite its amount, contributes to a certain level of dehydration. The higher the alcohol volume is, the more dehydration you may experience. 

Frequent dehydration is one of the causes of kidney stone formation. So, instead of opting for highly alcoholic beers, it is better to look for something that has less alcohol.

3. Sugary Beers

Many sweetened beers are tolerable for flashing or preventing kidney stones. However, excessive sugar additives may result in obesity and metabolic problems.

These two conditions typically increase your risk of developing kidney stones. Thus, sugary bears must be avoided, too.

4. Artificially Flavored Beers

normally, the human body cannot digest artificial additives. So, as the body does its natural cleansing process, your kidneys will start working hard to release the additives.

Too much work will eventually stress the kidneys. When too much work and stress become constant, it will negatively impact kidney functions.

5. High Sodium Beers

Excessive sodium intake contributes to increased calcium excretion in the urine. Unfortunately, calcium excretion contributes to the formation of kidney stones as well.

FAQs About the Best Beers for Kidney Stones

What Should People Look for When Searching for Beers Good for Kidney?

If you want to look for kidney-friendly beers, we recommend referring to this list. All beers featured in this article contain important qualities a drink must have.

Having said that, always look for beers that contain low to moderate levels of oxalate, sodium, and alcohol. It is also helpful to find a well-balanced beer. A well-balanced beer features a perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness.

Does Beer Help Flashing Kidney Stones?

There is a study that suggested that beer may potentially help flush the stones out from the kidney. However, the majority of research found consistent results that say:

Beer might help prevent stone formation. However, there is no guarantee that beers can flash the stone out. Regardless of this, experts agree that only light to moderately dark beers are helpful for people with kidney stones.

Additionally, stones bigger than 0.5 cm are hard to flash despite drinking fluids. Thus, beers are not helpful in this case. Therefore, even though beer can potentially help flash kidney stones out, it should not be a replacement for medical treatment.

A Roundup of the Best Beers for Kidney Stones

We had one of the most comprehensive selections of beers for kidney stones – ten in total! Yet, to round it off, all we included in this list are known to be organic and low in sodium, alcohol, and oxalate. We also selected those that come with minimal artificial flavors and well-balanced characteristics.
Lastly, remember that alcohol should not be a replacement for proper treatment. However, mindful drinking helps keep the kidneys healthy. Drink responsibly.

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