15 Best College Drinking Games for Fun Parties With Your Friends

College Drinking Games

College life can be packed with incredible occurrences and enjoyable times with friends. People often love these parties by playing drinking games. Such games can add fun and pleasant rivalry to parties and events. They might assist folks in breaking the ice while getting familiar with one another.

Picking the proper drinking game could alter the entire process. Among the ideal drinking games for college students are old favorites like Beer Pong and Kings, plus newer games like Stack It Up. Before choosing a game, consider what people like and how fun they are in it so everybody has a blast.

1. Drunk Musical Chairs

Drunk Musical Chairs is a new take on the classic musical chairs game that involves drinking. Arrange all chairs in a circle, ensuring there’s just one less chair than people. Start the music, and people must dance near the chairs when the song is on. 

When the song stops, everyone races to sit down. Before the game begins again, the last person remaining must take a shot and remove another chair. This lively game presents everyone’s competitive side while letting them smile and have fun.

2. Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie is a highly renowned drinking game. When you play the game, you get moved to a realm of fantasy where you can choose your favorite game while having fun. The coolest thing in the game is that two people can play it at the same time.

Thus, ask your friends to enjoy the game while you’re online or call them to your house so you both get some time off together. In the game, both rival sides are going to face each other. The first one has to say three things about themself. 

One of those three will be a lie, while the remaining two will be true. Others will have to decide which one is real. If somebody picks a lie, they have to drink. If the answers are true, the person that said them must drink.

3. King’s Cup 

King’s Cup, or Kings, is a card game where players lay out a pack of cards around a central cup and act based on what card is chosen by each person in turn. When a King gets drawn, the person must pour some of their drink into the punishment cup in the center. 

Whoever gets the fourth King has to drink the cup. Before that, however, there were many hilarious tricks. Now is an ideal moment to review your groups and how to break rhymes.

4. Friends And Enemies

The Friends and Enemies drinking game isn’t meant for the weak of the heart. It is recognized to tear up even the most robust relationships. Grab a deck of cards and give the same number to everybody in the circle. Everyone must hide their cards. 

Whoever goes first takes a card and puts it on the center of the table while stating somebody’s name. The picked one has to drink precisely as long as the number on the card shows. The colors and suit have nothing associated with this. 

But there’s a catch! If another team member has the same number on their card, they can “save” the individual picked and make somebody else drink. The most significant thing is that the math works out. 

That implies that if they pass on drinking, the time goes to ten seconds while continuing until each of the fives is given. Thus, if the odds are against you, you may have to drink for as long as 20 seconds.

Rules To Remember

  • Like King, Queen, and Jack, each picture card is valued at 10 points.
  • You can’t protect yourself with any of your cards if you were picked to drink. You have to endure and pray another person can rescue you instead.
  • When someone was chosen to drink for seven seconds, you don’t have to help them when you have a seven.  It is known as Friends and Enemies for something.

5. Task Master 

Task Master is likely the most known drinking game for students. I declare this as your luck affects whether you’re a task master or a task doer. The game typically occurs in public halls or bars with a good audience. So, this is how the game is played:

You start by having everyone play rock, paper, and scissors with you. Anyone who wins first becomes the Task Master. Afterward, the Task Master decides to give a group member a task to clarify it to someone who isn’t in the group. I’ll show you an example: The task master wants you to request somebody from the other room to play. There are three rules: 

  • When you don’t do your task, you have to finish your drink.
  • If the task fails, you must consume half of your drink.
  • If the task works well, everybody in the team takes a drink while you take over as Task Master.

Notably, these drinking games may be played during nights with plenty of people, and you can use your hangover the next day to discuss your big nights.

6. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a standard game at college events. Folks go around the table and toss ping-pong balls into cups of beer. The opposing team must consume the beer if a ball falls into a cup. The aim is to eliminate all the cups that belong to the other team.

7. Bite The Bag

Bite the Bag is a game for three players that involves drinking. You must put a brown paper bag on the ground as a player. On the other hand, someone else will come out and attempt to pick up that paper bag with their mouth. 

You’ll have a better chance of winning when you know how the game is played. One is that you and another person may only touch the bag with your mouths. Therefore, you can’t handle the bag with your feet or hands. 

It would help if you had good teeth to improve the likelihood of winning the game. Another detail that sticks out is that the person who doesn’t use their mouth to pick up the bag is bound to drink a lot. 

There are multiple turns in the game. Following each round, an inch gets chopped off the top of the bag, and the game shall start over.

8. Flip Cup

Are you bored of tossing ping-pong balls? Make teams and play a chaotic game of Flip Cup on the beer pong table. The competition aims to get your team to gulp the beer while tipping your solo cup onto the table. The team that drinks and flips every cup first wins. I love Flip Cup since it is easy to play.

9. Irish Snap

Irish Snap works best with a smaller party. Ensure everybody can sit around a table and access the middle. Further, try to clean up the place as much as possible by leaving drinks on the ground and taking off-hand items like rings. Spread the cards so that everybody has the same sum. 

Be wary not to glance at your cards! Keep them facing down in your hands or on the table before you. Take turns going around the circle and setting a card in the middle of the table, setting it upright. 

You must state your card’s worth as you put it down, initially saying Ace and continuing all through up to King before restarting. Thus, the first player to play goes “Ace,” the next person says “Two,” the third says “Three,” and it continues.  

Snap happens if the number you state out loud fits the card amount you place down. Everybody has to say “snap” and put their hand on the stacks of cards in the center of the table.

The final individual doing so must drink while collecting all of the cards in this central pile. The point of playing is getting rid of all your cards first. The harder it is to do, the drunker you are.

10. Never Have I Ever

College Drinking Games

Who didn’t know of this classic game? Folks generally think that Never Have I Ever is one of the finest drinking games for college students as it shows some fascinating and occasionally embarrassing things about people.

If you state, “Never Have I Ever stayed up all night,” everyone in the group who has must take a drink, and the game continues around the circle one individual at a time. A freshman’s best drinking game is a great way to get to know someone.

11. Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is one of the top drinking games for adults. It’s simple to understand and needs people to know one another well. Just have a tray of shot cups and load half of them with water and the additional half with vodka or another alcoholic drink. 

Players had to figure out what was in their glass without tasting it. The shot is then taken. If their guess was wrong, they had to try again.

12. Quarters

In Quarters, players strive to get a quarter or a coin of a similar size to bounce off the table into a cup. When the coin lands in a person’s cup, they choose another person to drink. It challenges players’ speed and ability, resulting in an enjoyable, tough pick for college parties

13. Up And Down The River

How do you play beer pong? You may try something else when you need help with how to play. A potential option is Up and Down the River. It’s a fun drinking card game that changed the focus of events and parties from drinking and dancing to enjoying a game with drinking.

It’s among the greatest and best drinking card games, as you have to play with two packs of cards. One of the participants is picked to be the dealer, and everyone gets up to four cards. These cards are set out in front of them so they can easily see what’s on them.

On the contrary, the dealer has to choose the card and tell who won. The winner is the individual whose card has the same number or value that is on the dealer’s card. Therefore, this game’s basic rules are like blackjack’s. 

If somebody has more than one of the same card, drinks will get taken equal to that amount. It has up to four games that will occupy your interest. 

The number of drinks you may consume in the next round will vary twice based on how you did throughout. Following the four games, a person with the set of the 5th card picked by the dealer gets four tasty beverages to savor.

14. Power Hour

Each minute for an hour, one shot of beer. That’s the math equation for the power hour. Power Hour is a classic drinking game that can be played in numerous ways. 

For example, singer-songwriter Ali Spagnola wrote an adaptation of the game and set it on an album of songs. 60, to be exact.

15. Mr and Mrs

Place the first pairing of people in a back-to-back position. Afterward, you ask them several questions, like “Who is the dirtiest?” “Which of you is most lightweight?” When the person knows it’s them, they hold up their glass. 

They put their drink down if they believe it’s the other person. If the results match, they win! Thus, if Georgina feels she’s the dirtiest and her buddy Claire agrees, they’re good. 

But if they both believe the other is the dirtiest or say they are the dirtiest, their replies vary, and they must drink. If you ask good questions, you can make this amusing or even controversial. Just strive not to hurt too many people in the process.


These are fun games that allow people to enjoy cool drinks. Therefore, you may consume as many drinks as you want by enjoying a game. 

All you have to do is understand the basics of the game and play at the highest level to beat your opponents. Only think you have to play drinking games or down the alcohol if you are ready. 

You understand what you can and can’t handle, and your pals will respect you more once you say no rather than if they have to take you home at midnight. 

If you’re scared you’ll have to drink excessively in a drinking game, make a weaker version of your usual drink or drink water. Most likely, nobody will ever know.

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