Top 10 Countries With the Most Expensive Beer

Countries With the Most Expensive Beer

The most popular alcoholic beverage, beer, is consumed the world over, and it’s been around for more than 10000 years, most likely when humans first started settling into communities and growing crops. If you are an avid traveler and have a strong desire to try out beer everywhere you go, then you will benefit from knowing which countries have the most expensive beer and plan accordingly. The Expensivity 2021 rankings list the following as the countries with the most expensive beer in order:

1. Qatar

2019 saw a 100% tax applied to all alcoholic imports, and beer in Qatar costs a whopping $11.26 on average for every 330 ml bottle. You cannot consume alcohol publicly. However, restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs with exclusive licenses can sell alcoholic beverages, including beer. 

2. Jordan

While drinking alcohol in Jordan, especially heavy drinking, is frowned upon, and consuming it in public can lead to you being arrested, you will find several bars, restaurants, and hotels serving beer. On average, the price of beer here is $9.40, and the most famous brand that you will find is Amstel, a local brand available in a bottle or a can and will cost you around $7.05.

3. China

Coming in third place is China, the most populous country in the world, beating India by just a bit. Local beer in China is weak, with 3% alcohol and lacking flavor. However, a lot of microbreweries are opening up in the country, which has seen a growth of imported beers such as German Hefeweizen and American IPA. The average cost of a beer bottle there is $7.71.

Alcohol consumption in China is rampant because it is seen as a social drink, and you can legally buy beer in supermarkets, liquor stores, nightclubs, and bars no matter how old you are. However, China has strict DUI laws, and it is illegal to drive after having a beer.

4. France

With over 600 brasseries and 350 boutiques and bars serving beer, tourists have easy access to it (both local and imported) in France. Some of the popular ones are Kronenbourg 1664, Pelforth, Grimbergen, Jenlain, and 3 Monts, with a cost averaging out to $6.39 for a 330 ml bottle. Many cities and regions in the country also host beer-related events like La Fête de la Bière in Schiltigheim, Alsace.

5. Switzerland

The Swiss love drinking in pubs and bars and at parties, concerts, and festivals. However, you can get good beer at restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets also. The cost can vary depending on where you buy it from, but on average, you can expect to pay $6.23 for a beer bottle.

Public drinking in the country is not frowned upon, and the legal drinking age is 16, lower than in most other countries.

6. Japan

Beer in Japan is available at supermarkets, convenience stores, bars, Izakaya (casual restaurants offering drinks and food), and… vending machines, though this trend is declining. Some machines confirm the buyer’s age with their My Number Card or driver’s license. On average, beer in japan costs $6.16.

Japanese citizens started drinking beer in the middle to late 19th century, and in the 20th century, this beverage became increasingly popular. You will find three different types of beer in Japan with different malt content (the higher the malt content, the higher the tax). Regular beer has normal malt content and hence has the highest tax, followed by Happoshu and then New Genre, which has zero malts. However, this difference in tax will decrease by 2026.

When in the country, you wouldn’t want to miss the beer museums, factories, and breweries. For instance, at the Sapporo beer museum, you will be educated on beer history and how to make it.

7. United Kingdom

In Britain, you will hear the terms beer, ale, and lager used interchangeably for beer. Ales are served at a cellar temperature of about 12 degrees, which maintains the original taste and flavor. Beers and lagers, on the other hand, are served at about 7 degrees. Some beers in England have lower alcohol, around 4%, and people tend to see them as session drinks where you can have several rounds over a nice conversation with friends before getting tipsy. Plus, they taste nice.

The average beer price in England is $5.97 for a regular-sized bottle of 300 ml.

8. Italy

Italians consider mild beer an excellent combination with pizza. There are many local and international brands available in bars, pubs, and supermarkets. Some of the great local options loved by people include Nastro Azzurro by Peroni and the classic Peroni. You can also find several microbreweries in the country. The average cost of beer here is $5.83.

9. Demark

Beer prices in Denmark vary depending on where you get it from. Discount stores and supermarkets like Spar, Fakta, Netto, and Aldi usually have beer on a budget. Plus, local brands are affordable to all income groups. Restaurants, however, offer beer at a higher cost. On average, Beer is priced at $5.20 in the country. People in Denmark have a very friendly and open relationship with alcohol, and even kids can drink with parental consent. 

10. Singapore

Beer in Singapore is expensive because of the “sin” tax that the government has introduced to limit excessive drinking to ensure a stable society as well as gain revenue in taxes. When there, you can expect to pay an average price of $5.17 for a bottle of beer.

The average beer prices for a 330 ml bottle were calculated by Expensivity using various sources such as online shops, calling up hotels, bar menus, and websites. Budget travelers who don’t want to overspend on beer should avoid having it in these countries. Qatar tops the list as the country with the most expensive beer because of exorbitant taxes and the fact that it is a Muslim country that tries to impose strict restrictions on alcohol.

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