How to Play Fuzzy Duck [Rules & Steps]

fuzzy duck

Gotta party on Saturday night and can’t think of a good drinking game to play with your best buds?.. Relax! You found just the perfect drinking game idea for the party.

If you’re reading this article, it means you are probably googling to find the best game to light up your party.

Fuzzy Duck is an all-in-one entertainment solution. You get to neck down your drink and play the game by just sitting at your place. It is a hilarious game that will keep you laughing and giggling all night long. 

Fuzzy Duck or Duck Fuzz is a popular British game played all over the world. The best part is you do not need any boards, tables, or cards to play this game. It’s just you, your voice, your shots, and CHEERS! It’s a tongue-twister game that requires a bit of concentration and speed.

The game might be simple in the beginning but can turn upside down after you down a few shots. You can play this game with your friends or even new entries in the group. Fuzzy Duck is a great ice-breaker game and lets you socialize most entertainingly.

It feels so great when your friends say, “Ya man…You’re the champ!”. But before you land like a King of the party, make sure to check out a few simple Fuzzy Duck rules.

What Do You Need To Play Fuzzy Duck?

Fuzzy Duck is an easy game to set up and play. It only requires two things. You, your friends, and a bunch of drinks. Find a nice place to sit or stand. Gather a few players (the more, the merrier but a minimum of 4) and sit in a circular formation. If you love beer, then grab some of your favorite beers. With beers, you can play a little longer as it contains only 4% alcohol content.

If you are in love with hard liquor, a shot of vodka or tequila would be great. With hard liquors, you have a high chance of passing out quickly, as it contains 40-50% alcohol. Again the emphasis should be on drinking within your limits and don’t push yourself too much.

Rules to Play Fuzzy Duck

The rules are simple and easy to grasp. Just gather a few friends and your favorite drink and start the party.

Rule#1: All the players must sit in a circle. Nominate a player to start the game. Usually, the youngest player goes first.

Rule#2: The first player goes on saying “Fuzzy Duck” faced towards the player to the left or “Ducky Fuzz” towards the right. It’s completely the player’s choice to pick the phrase.

Rule#3: If the player says Fuzzy Duck, then the rhythm continues, and each player turns his face to the left saying “Fuzzy Duck” and works vice versa for “Ducky Fuzz”.

Rule#4: Time for a change. Every player has the option to change the rotation of the game by saying the word “Does He?” or “Duzzy”. The game starts moving in the opposite direction, with players saying “Ducky Fuzz” instead of “Fuzzy Duck”. So a game of 6 players goes like this…..

Player 1: Fuzzy Duck

Player 2: Fuzzy Duck

Player 3: Fuzzy Duck

Player 4: Fuzzy Duck

Player 5: Fuzzy Duck

Player 6: “Does He” (face toward player 5 instead of player 1)

Player 5: Ducky Fuzz (face towards the right)

Player 4: Ducky Fuzz

Player 3: Ducky Fuzz

Player 2: “Does He” (face toward player 3 instead of player 1)

Player 3: Fuzzy Duck (face towards the left)

The same pattern continues throughout the game, with players having the option to say “Does he?” at any time during the play.

Rule#4: You can increase the speed of the game as it progresses.

Rule#5: If one player says, “Does he?” and the next player also says, “Does he?”, then the effect is neutralized. The game continues in the same direction as before, keeping the same phrase.

Watch out for the DON’TS

  • Make sure you don’t keep your face straight and turn left towards the player when saying the phrase. The same pattern is followed for “Ducky Fuzz,” starting from the right.
  • Avoid playing too slowly, as it will completely ruin the mood of the game.

The Drinking Part

  • If a player messes up a word like “duzzy fuzz”, he/she has to drink.
  • If a player breaks the order and says the wrong word without the use of “Does he,” then he/she has to take the shot
  • If a player takes too long to say the phrase, he/she must take a sip.
  • You can’t change the direction of the game more than twice in one round. If you do so, you have to chug up the shot.

You can add a few more rules to make the game more exciting. Make sure to do it before the game starts and, of course, with the mutual consent of all the players.

Fuzzy Duck vs. Paranoia

Fuzzy Duck and Paranoia are both vocal games. They both require a group of players and some shots to get started. In Paranoia, the player whispers a question to a player on the right, like “Who is the hottest player in the group?” Then that person has to say out loud who he thinks is the answer to the question among the players. If that person wants to know why his/her name was taken, then he/she has to drink a shot. This never-ending game can get a little uncomfortable for some of the sensitive players.

On the other hand, Fuzzy Duck is a funny game that will keep you entertained longer and make you laugh and roll all over the floor. The game gets funnier when you get a little tipsy and start messing up the words. “Fuzzy Duck” and “Ducky Fuzz” becomes “Does he F**k?” or “F**k he Does.”  


There is no college party without a good drinking game in your freshers’ years. It’s a fun way for college students to feel privileged in their adulthood. As a grown-up, it becomes extremely hard to stay sober. 

Fuzzy Duck is the easiest and most fun game you’ll find on the internet. Rules are super simple, and it does not require any material like cards, dice, or balls to start with. So chill out with your friends, drink a couple of beers, play the most awesome Fuzzy Duck game, and drink responsibly!

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