What Is Corona Beer Made Of?

What Is Corona Beer Made Of

Okay, the title seems to sound like the dreaded virus that started a worldwide pandemic, but rest assured that it isn’t the same. Today, Corona Beer takes center stage.

Corona, Beer, and Corona Beer

To begin with, Corona is a word used to describe an entity or object that resembles the shape of a crown. The word Corona was used in the United States of America sometime in the 1500s since it was borrowed from the Latin language, which meant ‘wreath’ or ‘garland,’ and is used in most Greek occasions to signify victory and assert one’s authority over others. 

Beer is not a new concept, too; it is one of the most well-loved alcoholic beverages there was and is. It probably takes the spot because it has been widely made, distributed, and easily accessible for all ever since its birth, way back in the ancient Sumerian civilization.

Beer may be the most sought-after drink by hardworking minimum and average-wage workers toiling in their 8-hour shifts and finding that hard-earned relaxation through a nice cold glass of beer. Nothing says a good job than a good old cold beer in your hand. However, it can be said that some have gone beyond that mini congratulatory celebration with a beer and have seemed to find countless reasons to drink beer or simply no reason at all. 

What is Corona Beer? 

Ordinary beer is derived from grains like barley and wheat in a long, tedious, but rewarding process of fermentation and aging. From this age-tested process have risen several variations that have now produced countless craft beers and breweries that have popped up since then. 

The winning taste of beer is unique to the grains used and the dedication and care put into the extraction and fermentation process. 

Corona Beer is under the lager family and was espoused by Cerveceria Modelo, which is in Mexico. A lager is a light-colored beer that uses the bottom fermentation process in making beers. This bottom and top kind of fermentation refers to the way the yeast used would either settle on the bottom or rise to the top.

The ones that come from the bottom kind of fermentation are mostly lagers, and the ones that come from the top kind of fermentation are the ales. This is the determining factor that separates the lagers from the ales. As for Corona Beer, it is under the lager family.

It is one of the well-received lager beers in the United States for its lightness in terms of how it sits in the stomach after drinking and more popular for its lighter yellow shade than other available lagers. It has a nice sweet taste with a little bit of a bitter note at the end, but the taste itself is good enough for people to keep wanting more. Reviews of this particular beer are often talked about as a kind of uncomplicated and easy-to-love pale beer. 

What is Corona Beer Made Of?

Corona beer is a good example of a Mexican lager. Its pale yellow color, showing through the brand’s signature clear bottle, has made its way from Mexico to the United States and is well-loved by most drinkers as well. The Corona Beer is a combination of malted barley, hops, and corn perfectly boiled in water and added yeast that ferments at the bottom of the barrel, which earns its slot in the lager family of beers.

It typically has a version called Corona Extra, which has 4.5% ABV, which is considered a fair amount of alcohol for an average beer. It won’t get you drunk in one bottle unless you have a very low alcohol tolerance. But it is rather a slow burn making it possible to consume more than one bottle, which adds points to its popularity. 

Ways to Enjoy Your Corona Beer

As one of the well-loved lagers, the Corona Beer has cemented its place in the world of beers and drinkers. Many enjoy their pale yellow lager in its most simple form and enhance its taste further by adding one wedge of lime to it. But here are other ways of enjoying your own Corona Beer. 

Enjoy a good vodka and Corona Beer combination. Just add a shot of vodka and a wedge of lime to your beer bottle. Do remember, though, that your bottle should not be full to add the vodka shot and lime in it. You could also use a different container to put in the beer, vodka, and lime. A variation of this recipe is adding a few ounces or drops of grenadine syrup to make your pale yellow turn deep orange; it is both artistic and delicious, or so they say.

There is also that tequila, margarita, and beer combination. With just an ounce of tequila, 8-10 ounces of margarita, and a cube of ice blended well and add your signature Corona Beer, you can make your very own Mexican Bulldog Margarita. If you haven’t tasted this yet, you should give it a try. Only if you are up to it, that is. 

Best Tips for Having Your Corona Beer

The Corona Beer is as simple as its ingredients are, and yet they have an endearing impact on whoever drinks it, whether it be a good one or not. But here are some tips to help you get the best out of your Corona Beer.

First off, beer is always nice if it is ice cold; the Corona Beer is not an exception to that. Keep your bottles of Corona Beer in the freezer for just around 30 minutes, or put them in an ice box before you drink them.

Second is don’t be afraid of what to mix with your drink, although you should make sure that you add only what you want and what is possible. Consult other people, especially bartenders, for their choice of blends. Lastly, after all is said and done, you can always go back to drinking it bare and simple or add lime and salt to the drink and enjoy it for all its glory.

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