4 Best Beers for Jager Bomb: Boost Your Jager Bomb Experience

Mama's Little Yella Pils

Jager Bomb is a well-known cocktail that is made up of two main ingredients, Jagermeister liqueur, and an energy drink. Many people like this kind of drink because the herbal and spicy flavors of Jagermeister, when mixed with caffeinated energy drinks, create a unique taste experience and give a stimulating effect. 

Another way of enjoying your Jager Bomb is by mixing it with beer.  The flavors of Jagermeister can complement the taste of certain beers that adds an interesting twist to your overall drinking experience. This article will help you find the best type of beer that will go well with a Jager Bomb drinking adventure.

What Beers Are Better for Jager Bomb?

The type of beer to pair with Jäger Bomb is typically according to your preference, but there are some types of beer that tend to blend well with this particular cocktail. Here are a few options:

1. Coors Light

Beers for Jager Bomb

Coors Light is a lager and is light and crisp that can complement well with the sweetness of the Jägermeister and the energy drink without overpowering the flavors.  The neutral flavor of this lager and the distinctive flavor of Jagermeister creates a balanced combination resulting in a more enjoyable and smoother drinking experience. 

2. Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner

This brand can be a good choice for a Jäger bomb due to its balanced and flavorful profile. It also has a clean and crisp taste that pairs well with the herbal and slightly bitter flavors of Jägermeister. 

Other pilsners have the same balanced malt and hop profile that can blend well with the flavor of the energy drink in Jager Bomb. They are also clean and refreshing and won’t overwhelm the Jäger Bomb’s taste profile. 

3. Shock Top Belgian White 

Beers for Jager Bomb

The citrusy and slightly spicy flavors of this brand of beer make it a good choice for a Jager bomb. The orange peel and coriander in this beer contribute to the herbal and bitter notes of Jagermeister.

Wheat beers like this brand have slightly fruity and spicy notes that can add an interesting twist to the Jäger Bomb experience. This type of beer tends to have a smooth and slightly creamy texture because of the presence of wheat in its grain bill. This texture can add a good mouthfeel to the overall drink.  

4. Miller Lite 

This beer is a perfect pair with Jager Bomb because of its light and crisp profile as well. The taste of this beer will not overshadow the herbal and slightly bitter taste of Jagermeister.

Light beers are known for their mild and subtle flavor profile. This mildness allows the flavors of the Jager Bomb to be more pronounced without the beer overpowering the overall taste. It also has a lower alcohol content than other beers making it a good choice for those who prefer a milder alcoholic drink. 

What Beers to Avoid for Jager Bomb?

There are no strict rules as to what beer you can mix with Jager Bomb, but there are some things that you need to consider to ensure an enjoyable and safe drinking experience. You may want to avoid mixing a Jager Bomb with these brands or types of beers:

1. Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

This beer is known as a highly potent beer with a significantly high alcohol content, typically around 15-20% ABV. This intense alcohol level and the strong hop flavors characteristic of an IPA can easily overpower the flavors of Jägermeister in a Jäger bomb.

Be careful when mixing Jäger Bombs with heavy or high-alcohol beers, like barleywines,  strong ales, or imperial stouts. Putting high-alcohol content drinks with a Jäger Bomb can lead to a more potent and intense drink, which may increase the risk of overconsumption and intoxication.

2. Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)

This brand of beer is a  highly regarded stout known for its intense flavors of coffee, chocolate, and bourbon. These strong flavors could potentially overwhelm the herbal and slightly bitter qualities of Jägermeister in a Jäger bomb.

Sour beers have a tart and acidic taste that might clash with the herbal and spicy flavors of Jägermeister and the sweetness of the energy drink. The contrasting tastes could result in an unpleasant drinking experience.

3. Chimay

Chimay is a  brand of beer.  Belgian Trappist is a well-known brewery that produces a range of high-quality ales, including different styles such as Dubbel, Tripel, and Quadrupel. Chimay beers are known for their rich flavors and are often enjoyed on their own to fully appreciate their taste profiles.

It is recommended that the best way to savor high-quality beers like this brand is to enjoy them on their own. Mixing it with a Jäger Bomb might mask those unique, distinct, and delicate flavors of a premium or craft beer. 

4. La Folie

This brand from New Belgium is a sour brown ale with complex and intense flavors. The rich sour notes and deep maltiness of this beer might give a conflicting taste with the strong flavors of a Jager Bomb cocktail.

Combining fruit-flavored beers with a Jäger Bomb will give additional fruitiness that could overpower or clash with the herbal and spicy notes of Jägermeister. Fruit-flavored beers have unique and delicate flavors that are meant to be appreciated on their own. 

5. Mama’s Little Yella Pils

This beer is a Czech-style pilsner from Oskar Blues Brewery that features a light, crisp profile with mild hop bitterness. This beer has included a yarrow in its recipe,  which is a traditional medicinal herb.  

Some beers, like this brand of beer, may have medicinal ingredients or herbs, which could potentially mix with the herbal components of Jägermeister. Mixing beers with ingredients that you are unsure about could have potential contraindications, so it’s best to avoid mixing them together.

FAQs About the Best Beers for Jager Bomb

How do you drink Jager Bomb and beer?

Some people enjoy drinking Jager Bomb shots, followed immediately by a beer.  There is also what they call a boilermaker, where the shot glass of Jagermeister is dropped into a half-pint or pint of beer before drinking them together. Another way is to simply mix a shot or two of Jagermeister directly into a glass of beer. 

Is the Jager Bomb made with beer or Red Bull?

It was widely believed that the original Jager Bomb was made with beer and not with an energy drink. But the Red Bull and Jagermeister mix had become the standard when it became popular in the early 2000s. 

What’s the benefit of drinking Jager Bomb with beer?

As discussed earlier, the herbal and spicy flavor of Jagermeister can complement the taste of certain types of beers. Aside from this benefit, some people also believe that mixing energy drinks from the Jager Bomb with beer can help maintain their energy levels while drinking. But you have to be careful about combining caffeine and alcohol because it can mask the effect of alcohol and may lead to overconsumption. 

How can I drink responsibly when drinking Jager Bomb and beer?

Because you are mixing different types of alcohol, you may also experience an increase in the risk of intoxication.  Drinking water or other non-alcoholic beverages in between alcoholic drinks can help you stay hydrated and reduce the total amount of alcohol you will consume. Eating food before and while drinking can also slow down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream and moderate its effects. 

Rounding Up the Best Beers for Jager Bomb

Here, we discussed what types of beer will go well with Jager Bomb. We enumerated specific qualities of each type of beer that can blend in and will not overpower the intended taste of your Jager Bomb drink.  Cheers to a more relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable Jager Bomb and beer-drinking session! 

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