8 Best Beers for Drinking Games

Beers for Drinking Games

Do you love drinking games? Then you’re in luck because we have gathered all of the best beers that you can chug down – Or incorporate into the mechanics of drinking games such as beer pong. No matter what the mechanics are, it’s certain that these drinking games will result in everyone having the best time. Of course, you can chug down these beers even while relaxing and not playing games with friends, as they are sure to refresh you, whatever the occasion may be. 

We sought the opinions of several of our colleagues and pals to create this list, as all of them love playing a good drinking game. Other opinions include bartenders, people who own or run breweries, as well as older college students who are always up for a good drink after a long day of studying. So if you wanna know what these beers are, then here’s the list.

What Types of Beers Are Better for Drinking Games?

1. Bud Light

A beer that’s designed for quick and easy drinking, Bud Light is your stereotypical college beer. It is a beverage that has been brewed using a delightful combination of rice, barley, malt, and several kinds of hop varieties. The taste is famously clean and refreshing, with a crisp finish that you are sure to love. Made without any preservatives and other artificial flavors. 

2. Coors Light

Another college favorite, Coors Light, is a bit on the bitter side with twice the crispiness as a Bud Light. The shade, when poured into a mug, ranges from crystal clear to pale yellow, with a foamy white head that tickles your palate. Meanwhile, its smell is a combination of floral hops, corn, straw, and cereal grains. 

3. House Beer

This is a bold and authentic beer that you are sure to love. The bubbles and foam in the beverage dissipate quickly, while the aroma will remind you faintly of corn, bread dough, and grits. Not only is this beer great to drink at parties, but it’s also a very relaxing beer. Perhaps some drinkers might be put off by the corn grits in the flavor, but it’s still a refreshing beer nonetheless. 

4. Miller Lite

This is the go-to “light” beer for drinking games. There’s a rather faint malt smell, but the hop scent definitely dominates here. It’s not a heavy beer at all, and not only that, it’s extremely refreshing and very crisp once you’re done drinking it. The product is brewed using a combination of barley malts, providing it with a golden hue.

5. Natural Light

This is a light American lager that is both well-blended and balanced at the same time. Created by Anheuser-Busch, it is a beverage that is brewed together using a great combination of imported and American hops alongside malt and corn. The lengthy brewing process that this product goes to results in a beer that has a light body with fewer calories. 

6. Narragansett Lager

This is a lager that you can surely rely on – It’s so light, and you can chug down several bottles of it in one go. The beverage pairs up nicely with Italian cuisine and barbecued meat, but it’s also a wonderful beer to chug down at parties and, of course, drinking games. A sip treats you to familiar aromas of spicy hops, as well as cereal grains. Contains good carbonation as well. 

7. Heater Allen Pilsner

This beverage from Heater Breweries was brewed with plenty of skill, patience, and history as well. The product itself has a slightly toasted bread flavor to it, with an extra spicy note from the hops. However, the overall sensation of the beverage is quite subtle and is exactly the kind of lager that you should be drinking in the late afternoon or when playing beer pong with friends. 

8. Burial Surf Wax IPA

The brewers of this beverage have described this product as having plenty of barley but only a touch of wheat. It is a beer that is super easy to drink, with a highly strong fruit blend, as well as other flavors like pineapple, blackberries, blueberries, and citrus. It’s basically just a mash-up of fruit juices, and each sip will remind you of spending time at the beach or lounging in a hammock. 

What Beers to Avoid for Drinking Games?

1. Wylam Catcher In the Rye

Comes with a patchy white head alongside hints of citrus, fruity, orange, and lemons. Some drinkers have likened this drink to a liquid version of a lozenge. This is a great beer for relaxing and going on vacation, and probably not suitable for high-energy drinking games with a crowd. 

2. NBG Relax 

How about a beer that makes you feel sleepy? Comprised of a delicious blend of hops, barley, malt, and yeast – All ingredients that make this German beverage super delicious and refreshing. A beverage that is more appropriate for relaxing with friends or when you’re trying to get rest after a long day

FAQs About the Best Beers for Drinking Games

What’s A Great Game to Play with Liquor?

You may already know some classic favorites, including the aforementioned beer pong – But there are also some other fun ideas, such as Truth or Drink, Fuzzy Duck, and Cup Stacks. These games are perfect if you’re looking for a way to kill time with pals or as an icebreaker at a party. Just be careful not to drink too much while playing any of these games or be responsible when handling alcohol. 

The Best Beers for Drinking Games – A Summary

We hope you love all of the selection of drinking game-friendly beers that we have provided on the list. Out of all the roster of beers mentioned, our favorite is the classic Bud Light – It’s a party favorite for a reason. So the next time you’re attending or planning a college bash with drinking in it, don’t forget to grab a six-pack of this beverage. Of course, you are free to drink this when it’s time to chill as well. 

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