500 Best Trivia Questions to Test Your Mind

Trivia Questions

Time to put your mind to the test! Trivia Questions are a great way to find out who pretends to be smart and who actually is smart.

Gather ’round, folks! If you’re in search of a quick socializing hack, you just landed at the right place. We’re talking about the treasure box of trivia questions! Picture this – you and your pals, locked in an epic battle of wits, laughter echoing through the room. With categories ranging from everyday stuff to mind-bending history, you’re about to take game night to a whole new level.

Here’s the deal- you pick the category that floats your boat, and then the real fun begins. Watch as your buddies scratch their heads and rack their brains to earn those bragging rights. With a list of brain teasers in your hand, you’ll be the undisputed champ of knowledge nuggets in no time. 

Pro tip # Choose the category your pals secretly adore – it’s a guaranteed recipe for a night of friendly competition and endless banter.

But you know what? It’s not solely about winning or the hilarious misses. Trivia nights are sneaky cool ways to boost your general knowledge. Who said learning can’t be all fun and games? So, get ready to outsmart, outwit, and out-trivia everyone you know. With over 500 questions, you’re basically the guru of good times. Let’s dive in and let the party begin!”

General Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions
  1. Who invented the first bicycle? Karl Von Drais
  2. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of which company? Google
  3. Which is the fastest animal on land? Cheetah capable of reaching 70 mph speed
  4. What does IPA stand for? Indian Pale Ale
  5. Who was the individual who became the second person to set foot on the moon? Buzz Aldrin
  6. Where did Princess Diana get married? St.Paul’s Cathedral in London 
  7. World War II was fought between which countries? Axis countries (such as Germany, Italy, and Japan) vs. Allied nations (including the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union)
  8. Who are the founders of Microsoft? Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  9. Which two brothers created the first computer virus? Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi 
  10.  Who invented the first mobile phone? John F Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola
  11. Who painted the “Mona Lisa”? Leonardo Da Vinci
  12. What is the abbreviation for WWE? World Wrestling Entertainment
  13. Who won the first Nobel Peace Prize? Jean Henri Dunant
  14. Ankara is the capital of which country? Turkey
  15. Which planet has the highest number of moons surrounding it? Saturn
  16. Where is Neuschwanstein Castle? Schwangau, Germany
  17. Which country has the title “ The City Never Sleeps”? NewYork
  18. Where is Burj Khalifa? Dubai
  19. What is the national sport of China? Table Tennis
  20. Which is the largest museum in New York? The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  21. Who wrote the Harry Potter series? J.K Rowling
  22. Name the smallest ocean on Earth. Arctic
  23. Giant Panda is the national animal of which country? China
  24. What is the currency of Russia? Ruble
  25. What was the former name of Google? Backrub
  26. Which country stands as the third most densely inhabited among the nations of the world? United States
  27. Which country has the highest rate of criminal activity? Venezuela
  28. Who is the CEO of Apple? Tim Cook
  29. Who sang Billie Jeans? Micheal Jackson
  30. Which animal has 32 brains? Leech
  31. Who is Christiano Ronaldo? A football player from Portugal
  32. What is a famous landmark of Easter Island? Statues called Moai
  33. Which is the slowest bird in the world? American WoodCock
  34. Where is the Colosseum located? Rome, Italy
  35. Who made the world’s largest Pizza? Pizza Hut and Air rack
  36. Georges Lemaître is credited as a progenitor of which theory? The Big Bang Theory
  37. Samba is a famous dance style of which country? Brazil
  38. Who wrote Othello? Shakespeare
  39. Who designed Titanic? Thomas Andrews
  40. Which is the world’s largest religion being preached? Christianity
  41. Who sang for the Disney Character Elsa in the movie Frozen? Idina Menzel
  42. In which state is the Pentagon? Virginia

Random Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions
  1. When was the Panama Canal completed? (August 15, 1914)
  2. How long is the Panama Canal? (Approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) long.)
  3. Panama Canal connects which two seas? (Atlantic and Pacific Oceans)
  4. Which country completed the Panama Canal? (United States of America)
  5. Which two seas are connected through Suez Canal? (Red Sea & Mediterranean Sea)
  6. When was the construction of Burj Khalifa completed? (1 October 2009)
  7. When was the Suez Canal completed? (17 November 1869)
  8. Where is Burj Khalifa located? (Dubai, UAE)
  9. How long is the Suez Canal? (120 miles – 193 KM)What is the Floor count of Burj Khalifa? (154 + 9 maintenance)
  10. Who was the architecture firm for Burj Khalifa? (Skidmore, Owings & Merril)
  11. Where is Oceangate Inc HQ located? (Everett, Washington)
  12. Who are the founders of Ocean Gate Inc? (Stockton Rush, Guillermo Sohnlein)
  13. How long is the English Channel? (560 KM – 350 Miles)
  14. Channel Tunnel connects which two cities? (Folkestone, Kent, England to Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, Hauts-de-France)
  15. Oppenheimer is famous for the construction of? (Atomic Bomb)
  16. How many continents are in the world? (Seven)
  17. Which is the largest continent? (Asia)
  18. What is the total count of oceans found on Earth? (Five)
  19. Name the biggest ocean on Earth. (Pacific Ocean)
  20. What is the title of the world’s second-largest ocean? (Atlantic Ocean)
  21. How many seasons are there in a year? (Four)
  22. Who established Honda Motor Co. Ltd.? (Soichiro Honda)
  23. Trojan Horse was constructed by the Greeks to gain entrance to which city? (Troy)
  24. In Greek Mythology, who is known as the God of the Underworld? (Hades)
  25. In Greek Mythology, who is known as the God of the Sea? (Poseidon)
  26. When did World War II start? (01-Sep-1939)
  27. When was the Bretton wood conference held? (01-22 July, 1944)
  28. When was the International Monetary Fund formed? (27 December 1945)
  29. What is the location of the headquarters of the IMF? (Washington DC, US)
  30. When was the World Bank established? (7 July 1944)
  31. BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is owned by which country? (China)
  32. Which country owns the GPS (Global Positioning System)? (USA)
  33. What does NASA stand for? (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  34. Where is NASA HQ located? (Washington DC)
  35. When was NASA formed? (29 July 1958)
  36. What is the Capital of France? (Paris)
  37. Which is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World? (Great Pyramid of Giza)
  38. The Sabah Al Ahmad Sea city in Kuwait is also known as? (Khiran Pearl City)
  39. Leaning Tower is located in which city? (Pisa)
  40. Where is the Pyramid of the Moon Located? (Mesoamerica)
  41. Where is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) energy particle collider located? (near Geneva, Switzerland)

Sports Trivia Questions

  1. Which sport has the title of King of Sports? Football
  2. Cricket is the national sport of which country? England
  3. How frequently has Michael Schumacher secured the world championship? He has won it 7 times.
  4. Who is Steve Nash? Basketball player
  5. Where was the first Modern Olympics held? Athens
  6. How many rules are there in football? 17
  7. Which sport has the most fan following? Football/soccer
  8. Where is the origin of modern golf? Scotland
  9. Between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the greater number of goals? It’s Cristiano Ronaldo.
  10. Which boxer has the highest record of knock-outs? Billy Bird
  11. How many pins are there in bowling? 10
  12. Which of these is an actor and a wrestler, “The Rock” or “Brock Lesnar”? The Rock
  13. Who is the richest basketball player? Micheal Jordan
  14. An ice hockey team is made up of how many players? 6 on each team
  15. For how long a football match is played? 90 minutes
  16. What does a century mean in Cricket? 100 Runs scored
  17. Which Italian footballer died in an accident? Anwar Megbli
  18. Who is the founder of football? Walter Camp
  19. What does ODI stand for? One Day International
  20. Who has served as a famous cricketer and a great Prime Minister of his country? Imran Khan
  21. Which belt represents the beginner stage in Karate? White belt
  22. In Olympic history, who got the highest number of Gold medals? Michael Phelps  
  23. Who is Mary Kom? A famous boxer 
  24. What is the total number of players in a football team? 11 players
  25. Name the first sport in the world that originated in Greece. Wrestling 
  26. In bowling, what do you call it when a player hits three strikes in a row? A turkey
  27. Where is Waca Cricket Ground? Perth
  28. Where did Sumo Wrestling originate? Japan
  29. What is the abbreviation for MMA? Mixed Martial Arts
  30. Who holds the record for hitting the most home runs in Baseball? Barry Bonds
  31. How many balls are required to play a snooker game? 22 balls
  32. How long is a basketball match? 48 min
  33. What’s a bull’s eye? The center of the target is represented by a small red circle.
  34. What’s a 100-mile marathon called? A centurion races.
  35. Where did bullfighting originate? Ronda, Spain
  36. Which country won the Fifa World Cup in 1978? Argentina 
  37. Which runner is known as Lighting Bolt? Usain Bolt
  38. Which beer is called the King of Beers? Budweiser 
  39. Where did World Beer Cup 2023 take place? Nashville, United States
  40. Which sport is known as the queen of sports? Gymnastics
  41. Which is the number one online game? PUBG
  42. What does a player say when he/she wins a chess game? Checkmate
  43. How many squares are present on a chessboard? 64 squares

Hard Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions
  1. What structure claims the distinction of being the most extended man-made construction on the planet? (Great Wall of China)
  2. What is the designated power-generating capability of the “Three Gorges Dam”? (22,500MW)
  3. In which country can the world’s largest dam be found? (China)
  4. Which country has the largest rail transport network size? (United States)
  5. Which country has the second largest rail transport network size? (China)
  6. Which is the world’s largest airport by size? (King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia)
  7. Where can you find the world’s longest tunnel? (Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland)
  8. What is the Launch date of the International Space Station? (20 November 1998)
  9. Palm Jumeirah is located in which country? (Dubai)
  10. What is the administrative headquarters of the monarch of the UK called? (Buckingham Palace)
  11. Where is the Louvre Museum located? (France)
  12. Where can you find the beautiful Taj Mahal? India
  13. In which year was the first programmable, electronic, general-purpose digital computer ENIAC completed? (1945)
  14. Which is considered the World’s most used search engine? (Google)
  15. What is the collection of eight bits called? (Byte)
  16. Stonehenge, an ancient stone circle, is located in which country? (Wiltshire, England)
  17. Who had the Taj Mahal constructed? (Emperor Shah Jahan)
  18. What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize? (freedom and democracy)
  19. What does RFID stand for? (Radio Frequency Identification)
  20. SSL that allows encrypted online banking and shopping stands for? (Secure Sockets Layer)
  21. What is the name of the world’s first artificial satellite? (Sputnik1)
  22. What is the launch date of Sputnik-1? (04 October 1957)
  23. When was IBM Founded? (16 June 1911)
  24. Who are considered the founders of Apple Inc besides Steve Jobs? (Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne)
  25. Who is considered the original author of the Bitcoin concept? (Satoshi Nakamoto)
  26. NetMarket.com, considered the world’s first online shopping website, was founded in which year? (1994)
  27. Which company has the world’s second-largest crude oil reserves? (Saudi Aramco)
  28. Who owns Tesla? (Elon Musk)
  29. How much is the surface area of the world’s largest lake, the Caspian Sea? (371,000KM)
  30. What is the name of the first anti-virus program designed to delete the first virus, “Creeper”? (Reeper)
  31. When was the first ever video, “Me at the Zoo,” uploaded on Youtube? (23 April 2005)
  32. Which famous company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 04 Sept 1998? (Google)
  33. What does a squid eat? Fish and crustaceans 
  34. The Parthenon in Greece was dedicated to which goddess? (Goddess Athena)
  35. What is the name of the building which serves as the residence and office of the president of the United States of America? (White House)
  36. Which Island country is known as the “Island of Spice”? (Grenada)
  37. Which city is considered to have the world’s busiest airport? (Dubai, UAE)
  38. Where is the largest bone in the human body “Femur” located? (Thigh)
  39. Arachnophobia relates to the fear of which insect? (Spider)
  40. What is the color of the sun? White
  41. Which mammal is renowned for having the greatest longevity? (Tortoise)
  42.  Africa covers how many hemispheres of the earth? (Four)

Fun Trivia Questions

  1. Who was Jaffar’s evil sidekick in the movie Aladdin? Iago
  2. Who played the part of Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”? Johnny Depp
  3. Who won American Idol 2008? David cook
  4. How many awards have been won by Game of Thrones? 272
  5. Which dog breed can kill a wolf? The Kangal
  6. Which fast and furious actor is dead? Paul Walker
  7. Which musical artist achieved the milestone of reaching a billion streams on Spotify in the shortest amount of time? Miley Cyrus
  8. Who is the most popular Youtuber? James Donaldson ( Mr.Beast)
  9. Which kid’s tv channel has the most subscribers? Cocomelon
  10. What is the net worth of Elon Musk? As of 2023, 240.7 billion USD 
  11. Which is the fastest racing horse breed? Thoroughbred
  12. Which kind of wines are considered healthiest? Red wines (Pinot Noir and Merlot)
  13. Who invented the first toilet? Alexander Comming
  14. Who did the pharaohs worship? Amun-ra, Horus, Osiris
  15. What is the name of a Chinese wedding dress for women? Cheongsam or Qipao.
  16. Which country is famous for producing Tea? China
  17. Which currency holds the distinction of being the most powerful in the world? Kuwaiti Dinar
  18. Where did the Titanic sail from? Southampton, England
  19. Which is the smallest country in the world? Vatican City
  20. Ramen is a popular food in…? Japan
  21. Which creature is famously referred to as the “ship of the desert”? It’s the camel.
  22. Who is your sister’s son to you? Nephew
  23. Which country is recognized as the hottest globally? Burkina Faso
  24. Which is the hottest pepper in the world? Carolina Reaper 
  25. Which fruits are good for blood pressure? Lime, grapefruit, and orange.
  26. Can a cockroach bite? Yes, but in rare cases.
  27. Which is the largest species of wolves? Grey wolf
  28. Can Turkeys fly? Yes
  29. Which creature possesses the most powerful bite on Earth? Saltwater Crocodiles
  30. What is the name of a popular dance style in China? Dragon Dance
  31. Which musician was both deaf and blind? Helen May Martin 
  32. In which country is K2 Mountain? Pakistan 
  33. What is the lifespan of a polar bear? 20-30 years
  34. Which app has the highest number of downloads in the Google play store? Instagram
  35. Which is the oldest musical instrument in the world? Neanderthal flute
  36. How many States are members of the United Nations? 193 states
  37. Which countries are closest to Antarctica? Argentina and Chile?
  38. Which country invented the hot dog? Germany
  39. Which is the author of Freedom Behind the Bars? Donald D Wright
  40. Where are the largest deposits of Gold located? Australia and Russia
  41. In which country is the world’s tallest clock tower? Mecca, Saudi Arabia 
  42. What is the national animal of the UK? Lion

History Trivia Questions

  1. Who is known as the father of Maths? Archimedes 
  2. What is the name of Alexander’s horse? Bucephalus
  3. Aristotle taught which subject to Alexander? Philosophy 
  4. John Adams served as a second President of which country? US
  5. Which country holds the title of the greenest country in the world? Denmark
  6. Which country launched a nuclear attack against Japan? United States
  7. Which country made the first currency note? China
  8. Who was Anastasia? Russian princess
  9. George Bush got elected as the President in which year? 1988  
  10. During Covid, which individual served as the President of the US? Donald Trump 
  11. The construction of The Great Wall of China took how many years? More than 2500 years.
  12. Whose assassination played a significant role in triggering the onset of World War I? Archduke Ferdinand of Austria
  13. Who is the CEO of OpenAI? Sam Altman
  14. Who was Genghis Khan? A Mongol ruler
  15. In which year did the Battle of Culloden take place? 1976
  16. Cleopatra belonged to which dynasty? The Ptolemaic dynasty
  17. Who is Anubis? Protector of graves and a guide to the underworld
  18. When did Hitler die? April 30, 1945
  19. In which country did silk originate? China
  20. In which year did Queen Elizabeth’s crowning ceremony take place? 2 June, 1953
  21. How long Nelson Mandela spent in Prison? 27 years
  22. John F. Kennedy’s assassination took place in which year? 22 Nov 1963
  23. Who gave the idea of Daylight savings? Benjamin Franklin 
  24. Which is the oldest mammal on the planet? Platypus
  25. Who is believed to be the father of kung fu? Bodhidharma
  26. What was the aircraft that first landed on the moon? Apollo 11
  27. In which year did the Soviet Union break? 1991
  28. When was the first newspaper published? 1650
  29. Who was the first black President of the United States? Barack Obama 
  30. Who is the first lady to go on a space trip? Valentina Treshkova
  31. What is Hippocrates known as? The father of Medicine
  32. Which cartoon was first released by Disney? Snow White 
  33. Which year did Twitter come into existence? 2006
  34. Who invented the telescope? Galileo 
  35. Who shouted, “The British are Coming!”? Paul Revere
  36. Who was the last king of the Mughal Empire? Bahadur Shah II
  37. Who invented the first postal system? Persians
  38. How long did the Zhou Dynasty rule China? Over 800 years
  39. Which country is called “the Gift of Nile”? Egypt
  40. Who is known as the father of fast food? Ray Croc
  41. In which year was the first Lamborghini built?1963
  42. When was the Statue of Liberty constructed? 1886

Easy Trivia Questions

  1. Who discovered America? Christopher Columbus
  2. What does KFC stand for? Kentucky Fried Chicken
  3. How many pyramids are in Giza? 3 pyramids 
  4. Which nation holds the distinction of being the largest in terms of land area? Russia
  5. Who invented the telephone? Graham Bell
  6. What is the chemical symbol of Carbon? C
  7. What does the heart pump? Blood
  8. Wilhelm Rontgen won the Nobel prize in which field? Physics
  9. Where is the Eiffel Tower? Paris, France
  10. Who invented the steam engine? James Watt
  11. Who invented the light bulb? Thomas Edison
  12. Rome is the capital of which country? Italy
  13. How many millimeters are there in a centimeter? 10 mm
  14. Which continent is the largest in terms of landmass? Asia
  15. How many sides are there in the heptagon? 7 sides
  16. Which desert holds the title of being the world’s largest? Sahara Desert
  17. Which is the largest living animal in the world? Blue whale 
  18. Who wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet”? William Shakespeare 
  19. Which organ of the body removes excess water, urea, and waste product from the blood? Kidneys
  20. What is the name of the world’s longest river? Nile river
  21. In what year did the Beatles split up? 1970
  22. How many months of a year have 31 days? 7 months
  23. When is Halloween celebrated? 31st October 
  24. Which celestial body is often referred to as the Red Planet? Mars
  25. In cricket, how many stamps are there in each wicket? 3 stamps
  26. Who gave the Theory of Relativity? Albert Einstein 
  27. Thailand is also known as…?”Land of white elephants.” 
  28. Which country is known as the Country of Rising Sun? Japan
  29. Which mountain holds the title of being the highest? Mount Everest 
  30. Which planet is known as the morning star? Venus
  31. Lily is the national flower of which country? France
  32. Who discovered the three laws of motion? Isacc Newton
  33. Which continent is known as the Dark Continent? Africa
  34. Daewoo is a brand of which country? South Korea
  35. Name the lightest gas. Hydrogen 
  36. Which country is the leading producer of hazelnuts? TĂĽrkiye
  37. Which fruit gives us oil? Coconut 
  38. What is the area of skin between your eyebrows called? Glabella
  39. The King of Metals is? Gold
  40. What is the standard unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI)? Kelvin
  41. Which acid is present in an apple? Malic acid
  42. Which country has a rainbow flag? Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador

Good Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions
  1. Per eye, how many eyelids does a dog possess? 3 eyelids
  2. Which is a French dish composed of various vegetables stewed together? Ratatouille
  3. Which country is the largest producer of rice? China
  4. Who wrote the novel, Robinson Crusoe? Daniel Defoe
  5. What term is used to describe the skill and tradition of creating and enjoying delicious cuisine? Gastronomy 
  6. Who is a Sexagenarian? A person in his/her 60’s
  7. Which of these animals don’t lay eggs- whale or eel? Whale
  8. Between the heart and the liver, which internal organ has more weight in the human body? Liver
  9. In what year was the US Declaration of Independence signed? 1776
  10. What was the name of the first car ever made? Motorwagen
  11. In the movie Star Wars, what is the count of suns that the planet Tatooine possesses? Two
  12. Charlize Theron was born in which country? South Africa 
  13. Which country presented the Statue of Liberty as a gift to the United States? France
  14. How many continents are there in the world? 7
  15. What temperature in Fahrenheit marks the freezing point of water? 32°F
  16. Which country holds the title of being the most populous in the world? India
  17. What does CPU stand for in computing? Central Processing Unit 
  18. What does BMI stand for in regard to the human body? Body Mass Index
  19. At what age do babies start seeing colors? 4 months
  20. What do you call a city with more than 10 million inhabitants? Megacity
  21. Which animal represents the zodiac, Leo? Lion
  22. Who was Spain’s head from 1939- 1975? Francisco Franco
  23. Lagos is the largest city in which African country? Nigeria
  24. In which lunar phase is the moon the least visible to observers on Earth?  New Moon
  25. In an urban legend, which creature is said to inhabit the sewers of New York City?Alligators 
  26. Australian Steve Irwin was killed by which animal? Stingray
  27. Which word can be used to describe someone who is a lefty? Sinistral
  28. The scratch test is usually conducted for…? Allergies
  29. What is the everyday term for sodium hydrogen carbonate? Baking Soda
  30. In which country did people first use gunpowder? China
  31. How long did it take to build The London Bridge? 4 years
  32. Who is the author of the American national anthem?  Francis Scott Key
  33. Which term is used to describe the fear or anxiety specifically related to public speaking? Glossophobia
  34. Within the confines of our solar system, which is the smallest planet? Mercury
  35. How much saliva the human body produces each day? One Liter
  36. How many teeth does a toddler have? 20
  37. Which fruits are radioactive? Banana and Brazil Nuts
  38. What is the approximate volume of blood present in a normal human body? 5.6 liter

Friends Trivia Questions

  1. How long does it take for light emitted by the Sun to travel and touch the Earth’s surface? 8 minutes
  2. In WW2, what name was given to Germany’s Erwin Rommel? Desert Fox
  3. Robert Loy was an outlaw, later a folk hero; in which country? Scotland
  4. Who is generally regarded as the founder of psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud
  5. What’s the name of Bart Simpson’s baby sister? Maggie
  6. In the film “The Love Bug,” what number was displayed on the hood of Herbie, the car? 53
  7. Which insect bite is associated with Lyme disease? Tick
  8. Which metal is found at the center of the Earth? Iron
  9. What is the infamous nickname given to the pirate Edward Teach? Blackbeard
  10. In what year did the first men set foot on the moon? 1969
  11. Who was the voice artist of the character Donkey in Shrek? Eddie Murphy.
  12. How many Oscars has Meryl Streep been nominated for? 21
  13. What is the position of Earth in relation to its distance from the Sun? Third
  14. What is acrophobia? Fear of Heights
  15. Which chess piece has the ability to move exclusively in diagonal directions? Bishop 
  16. What is the standard unit used to measure electrical resistance? Ohm
  17. What is the study of fungi called? Mycology
  18. What do you call the red pigment in blood? Haemoglobin 
  19. On average, how many times do you blink in a year? 20 times
  20. Which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world? Jericho
  21. What does the human brain use to establish connections with the body? Nerves
  22. Which female individual holds the record for the highest number of appearances on the front cover of Time Magazine? Hillary Clinton 
  23. What is the earliest known walled city? City of Jericho
  24. In the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what was Charlie’s last name? Bucket
  25. What erosion creates U-shaped valleys? Glacial Erosion
  26. What kind of cheese is prepared from sheep’s milk? Roquefort cheese
  27. What is the term used to describe a group of donkeys? Drove
  28. What language is recognized as the national language of Iran? Persian
  29. Which blood group do universal blood donors have? Group O
  30. What title does Robert Oppenheimer hold? The Father of Atomic Bomb
  31. Which country borders the USA directly to the South? Mexico 
  32. In Harry Potter, what was the name of Hagrid’s dragon? Norbert
  33. Nelson Mandela was a prisoner in which country? South Africa
  34. Which city is commonly known as “The City of Love”? Paris
  35. Who became President after Bill Clinton? George W. Bush
  36. What type of fruit is a valencia? Orange
  37. In which year did the UK formally leave the European Union? 2020
  38. Which famous physicist wrote ” A Brief History of Time”? Stephen Hawking 
  39. Walkman is a registered trademark of which company? Sony
  40. What semi-biographical movie did rapper Emenim star in? 8 mile
  41. What do you call the male parts of the flower? Stamen
  42. Who sang “It’s my life”? Bon Jovi

Family Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions
  1. Statistically, which bone in the human body is broken the most often? Clavicle
  2. How many times has Christiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or award? 5 times
  3. Which singer had a hit with the “Rocket Song”? Elton John
  4. Which artist was put on trial for the theft of the Mona Lisa painting? Pablo Picasso
  5. In which country did conga drum and conga music originate? Cuba
  6. Which number does the prefix “tetra” indicate? Four
  7. In which discipline you cannot win a Nobel prize? Mathematics 
  8. What is the capital city of Whales? Cardiff
  9. In World War 2, which country did Hitler invade first? Poland
  10. What is the world’s oldest recorded civilization? Mesopotamians
  11. Who had a hit in 2012 with the song “Thrift Shop”? Macklemore
  12. Baby One More Time was the debut single of which song artist? Britney Spears
  13. What is the term used to describe the process through which plants transform sunlight into energy? Photosynthesis 
  14. Which one of these is not a primary color- red, orange, or blue? Orange
  15. Which metal is liquid at room temperature? Mercury
  16. Andes is located in…?South America
  17. What is the largest moon in the solar system? Ganymede
  18. Which country is famous for its tulip fields? Netherlands
  19. What is the common name of the scapula? Shoulder blade
  20. Which eye color is considered a genetic mutation? Blue
  21. What was Netflix before it became a streaming platform? A DVD rental service.
  22. Which country is Hamlet set in? Denmark
  23. Which term, associated with illegal hunting, also refers to a cooking technique involving the immersion of food in liquid? Poaching
  24. How many continents are intersected by the equator? 3
  25. Which sword is named after the Scottish Gaelic for “Great Sword”? Claymore
  26. What can you measure with a Fujita scale? Tornadoes
  27. What is the other name of Nightshade? Belladonna
  28. What was Cleopatra’s native language? Greek 
  29. Which automotive company made the Ecoboost engine? Ford
  30. Which one of these metals is not magnetic? Zinc
  31. Which automotive has a model called 911? Porsche 
  32. Global warming is caused by an excess of which kind of gas? Carbon dioxide 
  33. As of 2023, which country has the most airports? USA
  34. John Lennon was a part of which popular band? The Beatles
  35. Which currency is used in Scotland? Pound Sterling
  36. Who played Batman in the first Batman movie? Lewis Wilson
  37. In which Netflix show will you find a character named “Eleven”? Stranger Things
  38. In which cereal grain is gluten commonly found? Wheat.
  39. In which city will you find the Spanish steps? Rome
  40. Amazon River flows in which ocean? Atlantic 
  41. Which is the largest note ever issued for public circulation by the US federal reserve? $10,000
  42. Which is the top crude oil-producing state in the USA? Texas

Science Trivia Questions

  1. What’s an ideal cholesterol level? Less than 200 mg/dl
  2. Which color absorbs the most heat? Black
  3. How many bones does a human body have? 206 bones
  4. A Rainbow contains how many colors? 7 colors 
  5. Which natural substance is considered the hardest on Earth? A Diamond
  6. What is the speed at which light travels? 299 792 458 m / s
  7. What does a sound need to travel? A medium like solid, liquid, or gas?
  8. Which indoor plants grow without sunlight? ZZ plant, Lucky Bamboo, Cast Iron Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Monstera
  9. Which sea animal has 3 hearts? Octopus
  10. How long does a Blue Whale live? 80-90 years
  11. Which animal has 32 brains? Leech
  12. How many eggs does a normal lizard lay? 4-8 eggs
  13. What do you call a male sheep? A ram
  14. Which is the coldest water on the planet? Antarctic bottom water
  15. How do jellyfish eat and release waste? From its mouth
  16. What is a fish egg called? Caviar or Roe
  17. How fast can a crocodile swim in water? 15 -18 mph
  18. How loud can a human yell? 80-125 DB
  19. Which animal is lazy but smart? Koalas
  20. Who invented the airplane? Wright Brothers
  21. Who discovered the structure of DNA? James Watson and Francis Crick
  22. Who invented the theory of natural selection? Charles Darwin
  23. Who is stronger: a Grizzly bear or a Polar bear? Grizzly bear
  24. Do gorillas eat meat? They are vegetarian, but they do eat termites and ants.
  25. Which gas is responsible for creating foam in a beer? Carbon dioxide 
  26. Which African country has nuclear power? South Africa
  27. Which acid helps break down food in the stomach? Hydrochloric acid
  28. How far can an eagle see? 3 km
  29. What is the name of our galaxy? Milky way
  30. Who is often referred to as the King of Pop? Micheal Jackson
  31. How many consonants are there in the English language? 21
  32. What’s the name of Barack Obama’s wife? Michelle 
  33. In which forest do Robin Hood and his merry men live? Sherwood
  34. Which fruit Snow White ate that had poison in it? Apple
  35. What type of animal is Pomeranian? Dog
  36. Entomology is the study of…? Insects
  37. In which year Windows XP was released? 2001
  38. Which gas causes the balloon to float upwards? Helium
  39. Which country has the longest coastline in the world? Canada
  40. Which 1972 game is based on table tennis? Pong
  41. Fuji, Gala, and Cortland are types of which fruit? Apples
  42. What do you call a baby goat? A kid

Best Trivia Questions

  1. What does MMM stand for? Mixed Martial Arts
  2. Which comet returns to Earth Vicinity every 75 years? Halley’s Comet
  3. On which planet will you have the highest weight? Jupiter
  4. A group of which animals is called an unkindness? Ravens
  5. What would you call a person skilled in telling anecdotes? Raconteur 
  6. In horse riding, in which metal supports would a rider place his feet? Stirrup
  7. In traditional Monopoly, what square is diagonally opposite to Go? Free Parking
  8. Which anniversary is known as “The Golden Anniversary”? 50th anniversary 
  9. What color litmus paper turns when in contact with acid? Red
  10. Which planet was first discovered using the telescope? Uranus
  11. What is considered the largest empire to ever exist? Mongol Empire
  12. In the movie “The Matrix,” which pill does Neo take? Red
  13. Which singer always had a plaster in his music video? Nelly
  14. What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
  15. Where is the River Thames? UK
  16. Which state is known as the sunshine state in the USA? Florida
  17. How many faces does a cube have? 6 
  18. How many stripes are there on the United States flag?13
  19. Which country is famous for inventing the Sauna? Finland
  20. What’s the soft spot on a baby’s head called? Fontanel
  21. Which organ used the most oxygen? Liver
  22. Which war did Muhammad Ali refuse to serve in? The Vietnam War
  23. The Great Hanshin Earthquake Hit which city in Japan on January 17, 1995? Kobe
  24. Zayn Malik was a former member of which band? One Direction
  25. In which form of matter are atoms densely packed together? Solid
  26. In Harry Potter, who is Nearly Headless Nick, the Grey Lady, and the Bloody Baron? Hogwarts Ghosts
  27. Which dog breed was originally considered sacred in China? Pekingese
  28. The World Wildlife Fund has which animal on its logo? Panda
  29. Which word describes someone who can understand and speak multiple languages? Polyglot
  30. Who played Vito Corleone in the 1972 movie The Godfather? Marlon Brando
  31. How many years are there in one millennium? 1000 years
  32. Which bird is used as a symbol of peace? Dove
  33. On which continent will you find the Sahara desert? Africa
  34. Which popular video game character is an Italian plumber – Sonic or Mario? Mario
  35. What nationality was Napoleon Bonaparte? French 
  36. The Silverstone race track is located in which country? England 
  37. How many notes are there in a musical scale? 7
  38. Which dish is made from squid? Calamari
  39. What is the electrical charge of a neutron? No charge
  40. In which country is the castle of Dracula situated? Romania.
  41. What do you call a group of Lizards? Lounge
  42. The splitting of white light into its basic colors is known as? Dispersion


With over 500 trivia questions to choose from, you won’t run outta questions for the night. You can even add a few questions on your own to make the game super-exciting. It’s an entertainment game that guarantees to help you gain fresh knowledge with each question posed!

Prepare a list, gather your friends, grab a few beers, and find out who is the most knowledgeable person in the group. To buzz up your game night, try a fun game of Never Have I Ever, Paranoia questions, or some dirty Would You Rather questions afterward that will make your friends keep talking about the party for a long.

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