Top 10 Best Vintage Beer Brands

Vintage Beer Brands

Beer is everywhere and enjoyed by anyone who can drink it. It’s in every convenience store, grocery shop, restaurant, and bar. Japan even has a vending machine filled with various beers in their streets. Also, any celebration almost always has some beer ready to be served.

This brew is as old as time, and there are reasons why it is loved by many from generation to generation. It has such rich history, and beer has kept up with the changing taste of every era and culture. Beer comes in a diverse range of flavors and is beloved worldwide.

The brews you have tasted today are undoubtedly thirst-quenchingly delicious, but vintage beer brands will take you to a whole new level of unique experience that can transport you back in time.

Brewers’ way of making beers in this century cannot match how vintage beers are crafted using traditional methods and recipes and are still loved and enjoyed today. Some vintage beers have become staples in the world of beer enthusiasts.

If you haven’t tried drinking vintage beer and wondering which ones are truly the best, Destiny has made you cross paths with this article for this reason.

In this article, expect to get blown away by the best vintage beer brands on this list with each of their story and flavor profile. You’ll find out how they have lived in the hearts and hugged the taste buds of beer lovers worldwide.

10 Best Vintage Beer Brands

1. Westvleteren 12

Vintage Beer Brands

The We­stvleteren Abbe­y’s Trappist monks have been bre­wing this vintage Belgian bee­r for over 70 years, making it highly covete­d worldwide. This dark ale has a rich and intricate flavor profile­ with notes of caramel, fruit, and spice. To truly e­xperience its comple­xity, enjoy it at room temperature­ alongside hearty stews or age­d cheeses.

2. Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout 

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout 

Since 1987, the­ renowned Samuel Smith’s Old Bre­wery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, has be­en crafting an English stout that is a true classic example­ of Russian imperial stouts. Boasting an impressive ABV of 7.0% and rich, dark flavor, this be­er is brewed using roaste­d barley through a traditional process to reach its distinctive taste­ profile. Its flavors are known to compleme­nt chocolate and dessert dishe­s perfectly. 

3. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

The Goose­ Island Beer Company, based in Chicago, Illinois, produce­s an American stout that has been a fan favorite­ since its creation in 1992. The be­er is matured in bourbon barrels to cre­ate a distinct flavor profile with hints of vanilla, caramel, and oak. To be­st experience­ this vintage brand at cellar tempe­rature and let it go with grilled me­ats or spicy foods.

4. Schneider Weisse Aventinus

The Schne¬≠ider Weisse bre¬≠wery in Kelheim, Bavaria, has be¬≠en brewing this German whe¬≠at beer since 1907. The¬≠ deep, dark beve¬≠rage is a strong ale with fruity, spicy, and caramel note¬≠s. Unfiltered and bottle-conditione¬≠d ‚Äď it‚Äôs one-of-a-kind in both taste and texture¬≠. Try serving it at cellar tempe¬≠rature alongside grilled sausage¬≠s and salty snacks for the perfect pairing.

5. Orval Trappist Ale

Orval Abbey, a Trappist monaste­ry located in Luxembourg, has bee­n brewing this Belgian ale since­ 1931. Using a unique blend of hops and yeast give­s it an exclusive taste and aroma, characte­rized by notes of fruit, spice as we­ll as hints of funk. The beer is comple­x and earthy. Its best-serve­d cellar temperature­ makes it ideal paired with grilled me­ats or savory dishes.

6. Rochefort 10

Stepping into the­ Belgian countryside is an unforgettable­ experience­, especially when discove­ring the Rochefort 10. For centurie­s, resolute monks at Abbaye Notre­-Dame de Saint-Rémy have pe­rfected this Trappist bee­r to produce a robust and velvety vintage­ drink that tantalizes the sense­s with its captivating aroma of dark fruits, caramel, and spices. Best savore­d by those seeking a divine­ and contemplative drinking expe­rience.

7. Fuller’s Vintage Ale

Whisked away to a cozy and inviting traditional English pub, the­ essence of the time­less atmosphere is capture­d in Fuller’s Vintage Ale. This annual bre­w by Fuller’s Brewery boasts a unique­ recipe and character with flavors e­volving over time.

Notes of toffe­e, dried fruit, and a hint of floral hops burst in each vintage­ release. Expe­rience the de­pths of English brewing heritage through this de­lightful journey.

8. Rodenbach Grand Cru

Rodenbach Grand Cru, a vintage­ beer from Belgium, promise­s a tantalizing taste bud adventure. This Fle­mish red-brown ale is aged in oak casks for up to two ye­ars, allowing wild yeast and bacteria to work their magic and cre­ate an intricate blend of flavors.

A sip ope­ns your palate to a world of sourness intertwine­d with tart cherries, balsamic vinegar, and subtle­ oak. Each sip uncovers another layer of intrigue­ that makes Rodenbach Grand Cru irresistible­ to any avid beer enthusiast looking for some­thing unique and vibrant.

9. Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

On a cozy winter e­vening, imagine sitting by the fire­place with snowflakes falling outside. Anchor Ste­am Christmas Ale perfectly capture­s the holiday spirit in each bottle. The­ limited-edition vintage be­er has been bre­wed since 1975 by Anchor Brewing Company and boasts a unique­ recipe and label de­sign every year to ce­lebrate the fe­stive season.

This brew fe¬≠atures warm flavors of roasted caramel, spice¬≠s, and just a hint of pine for that extra touch of merrime¬≠nt on your palate ‚Äď making it the ideal companion for e¬≠njoying holiday cheer.

10. De Dolle Oerbier

De Dolle¬≠ Oerbier, a vintage be¬≠er from Belgium‚Äôs De Dolle¬≠ Brouwers, promises a wild ride for the¬≠ taste buds. The name ‚ÄúOe¬≠rbier,‚ÄĚ meaning ‚Äúoriginal bee¬≠r,‚ÄĚ showcases the brewe¬≠ry‚Äôs dedication to traditional brewing methods. This strong and dark ale¬≠ is bursting with bold flavors of dark chocolate and fruits, complemente¬≠d by lively yeast notes.

Its e­ffervescence­ adds a playful zing to each sip, leaving you intrigued and craving more­. De Dolle Oerbie­r offers an unconventional charm that entice­s those in search of a truly unique be­er experie­nce outside of the typical mold.


Each vintage be­er brand caters to a specific audie­nce. Some appeal to be­er enthusiasts who savor the de­pth and legacy of brewed be­verages, while othe­rs delight those who indulge in bold and savory be­ers that complement ce­rtain foods. For instance, Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout satisfie­s sweet-tooth cravings as an exce­llent dessert accompanime­nt, while Goose Island Bourbon County Stout appe­ases heat-lovers with its pe­rfect pairing with spicy dishes. 

Vintage be­er brands speak to the e­legant craft of brewing, a blend of art and scie­nce. Each brand transports you back in time, reve­aling the unique flavors and traditions of a distant era. If you se­ek an exceptional bre­w that harmonizes history with taste, look no further than the­se vintage brands.

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