An Automated Beer Cellar You Can Take With You

You can manually load your Cellar by searching and adding individual beers, or you can upload them in bulk using our CSV import feature.

Not only can you enter lots of specific details, but we'll update your cellar quantities as you send and receive beers in trades.

Cellar Valuation

Whether you have collected beer for years or are just starting out, chancers are you're curious about how much value is in your Cellar. We've built tools to help you guage how much your beer collection is worth.

Mobile Companion App

We built a native iOS companion app so you can manage your Cellar on the go. Not only can you add or remove beers from your Cellar, but you can add beers to your In Search Of list and set specific beers For Trade.

You can download it for free from the iTunes App Store. If you're not on iOS, you can still use your mobile device to browse BEX and your Cellar.

Cellar Import and Export

If you're like a lot of people, you may have a spreadsheet somewhere with all your beer organized in it. No problem! We have a Cellar Import tool that enables you to bulk upload your beers (including all the specific details).

Premium Members have the added ability to Export their cellar to a CSV file to make bulk changes or have a copy to print out.

Cellar Stats & Most Sought After Beers

Our Stats section allows you to see some top-of-mind data points, including how many total bottles you have, the number of unique beers and breweries, as well as the number of beers you're offering For Trade, and more!

Premium Members are also able to see what beers they have are the most sought after in the BEX Community!

Beer Details

When adding beers to your cellar, you're able to include a plethora of details. These include the year, bottle size, price, bottled on date, batch number, bin number, and notes or comments.

Privacy Settings

Some people want to keep their Cellar private, and that's ok! Our Cellar settings allow you to make your beer collection private or open for other BEX users to view.

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