11 Best Beer Advertisements of All-Time

Best Beer Advertisements

Beer has been an integral part of many cultures for centuries, and it is one of the most popular beverages out there. With so many different brands of beer available, it can be hard to decide which one to drink. But there are some companies who have mastered the art of beer advertising, which made them stand out from the rest.

If you’re a beer enthusiast, then you won’t want to miss out on these eleven of the best beer advertisements ever! From lively commercials that highlight the craftsmanship behind each brew to humorous spots that will have your sides splitting with laughter, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with a great selection of classic and modern styles available, you’ll be sure to find something enjoyable. So grab your favorite pint and settle in – it’s time to celebrate some of the greatest beer ads out there!

1. Carlton Draught Slow Motion

At normal speed, men look really ugly when they’re doing stupid things – but Carlton Draught found a way to turn this unflattering image into something pretty epic. Introducing the Slow Motion ad, which follows the hilarious antics of a bunch of burly blokes as they eat, drink, play, and dance their way around a party. The slow-motion cinematography and sweeping soundtrack make this a must-watch – and it’s one of the most iconic beer advertisements in Australia. While watching this ad, you may wonder “when will it end” yet you still can’t look away because it’s oddly satisfying.

2. Strohs, 1984, Alex, the beer-fetching dog

A funny classic, Stroh’s Alex the Beer Fetching Dog commercial features an adorable golden retriever running around, fetching beers for thirsty people. As far as beer ads go, this one is definitely up there in terms of cuteness. And it also shows us that dogs can be trained to do anything – even fetching the beers! However, the moment you hear that Alex is drinking beer and the poker-playing dog owner advises the dog to drink water instead, you can’t help but smile. And then, before you know it, the commercial is over, and you’re left wondering why it felt so short! Ah, well, such is life. But at least it was hilarious and cute while it lasted!

3. Tiger Beer, the 60s Yet Here I Am

There’s something in this ad that gives us goosebumps, and it’s not only the catchy music! Being one of the most famous beer brands in Singapore, Tiger Beer has outdone itself yet again. From the choice of music to the art direction, everything has been carefully crafted for maximum impact. “Yet Here I Am” shows the success this beer brand had against all odds and celebrates the courage of the people behind it. Sure, it was only a minute long, but that felt like an eternity!

4. Heineken: ‘The entrance’ (2011)

Heineken’s 2011 ad, ‘The Entrance,’ is a truly captivating spot that marked a shift in the beer brand’s advertising history. Set to the song Golden Age from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, this commercial features a sharply-dressed man entering a crowded embassy. As he moves through the crowd, he flawlessly switches between performing as a basketball player, musician, martial artist, and ambassador – showcasing his offbeat charm and unique style.

The ad was well received by audiences around the world, with viewers praising its creative and humorous approach to promoting Heineken’s signature beer. The commercial’s popularity has only grown since its release, proving yet again that the beer giant knows how to make a lasting impression.

5. Guinness, Journey Through Time

As interesting as it is, this commercial features the evolution of mankind in less than a minute, but in a way that makes it both hysterical and extremely intoxicating – just as a good beer should. The commercial starts with three friends who enjoy a pint of beer. Then the times fly back to the past until it reaches the millions of years before, where we were cavemen, dinosaurs, and way back in the Big Bang. It’s a real blast to watch, and you can almost feel the life before mankind as the commercial progresses.

Surely, Guinness’s creativity knows no bounds. The commercial ends with mud-sucking pond creatures that repulse their drink (mud). “Good things come to those who wait” is written in the end, making everyone realize it’s worth waiting for a good Guinness. The whole commercial is a joke but also a subtle reminder that sometimes when you wait, you receive more than expected.

6. Keystone Light Beer Commercial

Years before, when Bluetooth headsets and 4G connectivity were not as popular as today, people used to think that those who wore Bluetooth headsets either talked to themselves or the person near them. Keystone Light Beer Commercial brought a funny twist to it and creatively used the concept in its commercial. The commercial starts with a young woman wearing a Bluetooth headset and talking to her friend at a supermarket. The guy near her taking Keystone Light Beer from the refrigerator overhears this and misinterprets her conversation as if she is talking to him and feels impressed.

The commercial was a hit because the ad was hilarious and related to real-world situations. It was also an innovative way to market a product in an entertaining and humorous way. The commercial ended with the guy buying the Keystone Light Beer, misinterpreting the girl again, and embarrassing himself. Hasn’t this happened to you even once? Oh, don’t worry. It happens to us all!

7. Heineken Walking fridge Ad

This advertisement is an inventive twist on the ‘man versus fridge’ scenario- one that is both amusing and incredibly stimulating! The ad starts with a new homeowner hiring a home decorator (probably not an English major) to help him decorate his home with a “Walk-In” fridge in the kitchen. The decorator fulfills his duty with a “Walking” fridge. The new owner is stunned by the unusual sight of a fridge walking around his kitchen, but the surprise doesn’t end there. The ad takes an even funnier turn when the owner presents his friends with Heineken beer out of the “walking” fridge, making them shout out of excitement. An ad that is both funny and stimulating – an ideal combination!

8. Carlton Draught 2005 “Big Ad”

A silly yet creative ad, the 2005 “Big Ad” by Carlton Draught won several awards for Best commercial ad. The commercial shows a large group of people gathering around to display a large glass of beer and a human body. The beer glass is then brought to the mouth of the human figure, and a riveting sight arises: an ecstatically jumping, yellow-color group that signifies beer then unexpectedly fills the stomach of the human figure. The view zooms in on one man’s glass with a captivating caption beneath it that reads, “Made from Beer.” This stunning moment fades away as the commercial ends. The whole ad features a humorous vocal performance, making it a great example of beer advertising at its best.

9. Bud Light Commercial Skydiving

This Bud Light commercial is one of the funniest ads to ever grace our TV screens! The premise is simple yet hilarious: an instructor tries to convince a skydiver to jump out of the plane with nothing but a pack of Bud Light in his hand. The result? An incredible sequence of events that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. But the truly impressive part of this ad is that despite its humor and lightheartedness, it actually manages to promote the product!

10. Carling Black Label 1989 Dambusters

The Carling Black Label 1989 Dambusters commercial is far and away one of the most clever and memorable beer ads ever made. This award-winning ad pokes fun at both war and football in a way that speaks to its viewers on an emotional level – by tapping into the existing banter between Germans and the English. Not only is it funny, but it’s an incredibly well-executed commercial that draws people in and encourages them to purchase the product. From the witty dialogue to the creative visuals, this beer ad still stands out from other beer commercials. It’s no wonder that this ad has become so popular with consumers; it has something for everyone!

11. Guinness 1999 Surfer

It’s not often a beer ad that can make you stop and take notice, but Guinness 1999 SURFERS did just that. The commercial was an attention-grabbing blend of visuals and music that really brought the concept to life. The black and white imagery was subtle yet powerful, reflecting the product perfectly, while the catchy bassline gave it an added layer of depth. Even more impressive was the use of surfers as a metaphor for waiting for the perfect wave – it was creative, clever, and simply unforgettable. This was definitely one beer ad that will stay with viewers for some time to come!

Final Words

The competitive beer market is a hard one to break into, but these advertisements prove that it’s not impossible. When done right, beer ads can be extremely effective and memorable. Whether it’s a humorous take on modern societal issues or an artistic representation of the product itself, there’s something for everyone here. So grab your favorite brew, sit back, and enjoy some of the best beer ads on the market! Cheers!

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